Ree Drummond Is Launching Her Own Line of Ranch Dressing and Barbecue Sauce

Nobody knows better than Ree Drummond that “shortcuts are the key to sanity.”

In fact, she said so herself. We spoke to The Pioneer Woman about her new lines of dips and sauces and her unique approach to cooking.

“I am a home cook,” she said to MyRecipes. “I am not a trained chef. It was important to me to make sauces and dressings that were flavor-forward, so that they could use my sauce instead of prepping all the ingredients.”

Drummond collaborated with Kraft Heinz to bring her family recipes into the kitchens of home cooks around the country. Her new line of dips and sauces will roll out in grocery stores nationwide later this month.

“The barbecue sauces are based on recipes I’ve made for years,” she said. “I identified the recipes that have stood the test of time and I worked with the chefs at Kraft Heinz to make sure those translated to bottles and jars. In the end, everything really just had to pass the flavor test.”

The Pioneer Woman homestyle barbecue sauces will come in four flavors: Frontier, Apple Brown Sugar, Peach Whiskey (a fun twist on one of Drummond’s favorite chicken recipes), and Honey Habanero.

Her ranch dressings and dips, meanwhile, will be available in Frontier Ranch and Spicy Southwestern Ranch flavors—they’ll work just as well on salads as on pizza, according to Drummond.  

Her pasta sauce line, set to arrive on grocery store shelves in May, is meant to cut down on prep time. The jars are already jam-packed with flavor, which means less work for you. The five new flavors—Italian Sausage & Peppers, Rustic Bolognese, Marinara, Four Cheese, and Garden Vegetable—will “pair perfectly with your favorite pastas.”

You can find Drummond’s dips and sauces at retailers nationwide starting this month.

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