Ripen an avocado in just two minutes using easy microwave method

Avocado makes a delicious addition to any salad, sandwich, piece of toast or smoothie.

Mixed in with some tomato, lime, coriander and chilli, this tasty fruit can also make a gorgeous bowl of guacamole.

A ripe avocado is creamy and delicious, while an unripe avocado tastes either bitter or flavourless.

If you need your avocado to be ripe ahead of a meal that day, you might just be in luck.

Taste of Home provided a quick guide for avocado lovers on how they can ripen an avocado in just a few minutes.

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The tip read: “Here’s a sneaky technique to use if your avocado is not quite ripe but not hard, either. Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit and wrap each half in microwave-safe plastic wrap.

“Microwave on high for two minutes. Let it cool until easy to handle, then run the wrapped halves under cold water to stop the cooking.

“Unwrap and use as normal, slicing on sandwiches or salads, or using for guacamole and other dips.”

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However, this tip unfortunately does not work for rock-hard avocados. These need a little extra time to ripen.

Taste of Home advised: “If your avocado is rock hard, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

“Place the avocado in a paper bag with an apple. Poke the bag with a toothpick in several spots and leave it at room temperature. The avocado should be ripe in one to three days.”

The experts explained why you will need another piece of fruit and a bag for this nifty trick.

“Apples, kiwifruit and avocados all produce natural ethylene gas, which jumpstarts ripening. A paper bag holds in the ethylene and helps the avocado ripen in a hurry.”

Those who want to ripen an avocado fast but have no microwave can also try a simple oven hack – it takes just 10 minutes.

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