Salt grinders have an unknown second setting – and it’s ‘mind blowing’

According to Mark, known as Right Guys Review on the social media platform TikTok, people simply have to pop the top part of the shaker down to change the setting. The hack will work with most salt grinders sold in UK supermarkets.

Mark explained: “I can’t believe I’m just finding this out today. Do you know these salt shaker things?

“Well, did you know you can actually change it from fine to ground? I never knew that. Who knew that? Let’s give it a try.”

Mark popped the top of the shaker and twisted it with his fingers to change the setting. “So apparently you just pop this down, and it changes it from big to small,” he explained.

He then got finer salt using one setting, and larger salt using the other. “Oh my god! How, how have I only found this out today?”

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The video went viral on social media and hundreds of followers took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

A TikTok user commented: “Omg I’ve just done this with my pepper one, thanks for sharing.” Another social media user said: “No wayyyyyyyy I actually never knew that lol.”

Others claimed they always do this when cooking and one person commented: “I’ve known this for years.”

“Genuinely thought this was common knowledge,” said TikTok user @DnbSean.

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Another social media user named Ceri added: “I’ve never run so fast to my cupboard to test it out. Mind blowing.”

However, the hack doesn’t work with every shaker as another user pointed out: “I’ve literally went to the kitchen to try this and my Aldi one doesn’t do this.

@FunkoFanatic suggested: “These are also reusable. The top can come off and you can refill it with Maldon Sea Salt. Far superior salt. “

TikTok users often share secret food hacks on the social media platform as French chef Pierre Schaeffer recently did with a clever soy sauce trick.

The chef explained that soy sauce bottles have two holes for a reason and revealed the right way to pour the sauce.

In his video, he used a Kikkoman bottle to pour sauce out of one of the holes while he covered the other one with one finger.

When covering one of the openings, the soy sauce stops pouring and he explained that the second hole is actually there to help people regulate the amount of sauce they pour.

Many users admitted they didn’t know which side of the lid they had to use and were shocked when they discovered that they had been doing it all wrong.

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