Sonic Will Soon Have a Sour Patch Slush


After seeing them pal around in so many ads over the years, I’ve reached the point in my life where I consider those two guys from the Sonic ads to be my surrogate TV friends. There’s just something about their enduring bond, forged in the parking lot of a fast food chain over various burgers, drinks, and tater tots, that serves as a platonic ideal of platonic friendship in an age of increased isolation. 

Which is exactly why I wish I could jump through the TV and ask them what they feel about a standout new item on Sonic’s fall/winter menu: a Sour Patch slushie. Though not yet confirmed as an official menu item, Delish heavily hints at the existence of a RedBerry Sour Patch Kids Slush that sure looks bright and bold. 

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Available in an appropriately bright-red hue, the slush integrates crushed up Sour Patch candies to deliver the signature blend of sour and sweetness that define this painful yet pleasant candy. While you won’t run the risk of choking on a whole sour-coated gummy, it does sound like they lend a certain textural element. As you’d expect, this thing also nails the sweet and sour elements that you’d be looking for in a drink like this. 

From the sound of it, that isn’t the only odd item coming to Sonic’s menu in the near future. Balls of comfort food goodness like Bacon Mac & Cheese Bites and Chili Cheese Bites will be dropping on November 4. And if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to eat nachos and tater tots at the same damn time, then “Totchos” will be a dream come true when they're available on February 2, 2020, AKA Super Bowl Sunday. 

But, like I said, I care most about what kind of takes those two friends we all see during commercial breaks of NBA games have to say about the Redberry Sour Patch Kids Slush. Will it provide them an opportunity to reminisce about all the times they’ve been both sweet and sour to each other over the years? We can only hope. 

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