Stop shrivelled bananas with food storage tip to keep fruit firm for 15 days

Keeping the yellow fruits fresh for as long as possible largely comes down to how they are stored.

That said, it’s not as simple as keeping them in a cupboard or fridge.

According to one TikTok user, there’s an extra step that can preserve the integrity of the banana peel and preserve that firm, fresh texture inside.

In a video posted on his TikTok account, @‌that40yearoldguy, the US-based content creator revealed his findings of a 12-day home experiment.

Rather than using clingfilm, which is said to be helpful for wrapping the stems of bananas, the home-hacks lover used a water method, which is arguably much easier, and faster.

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The man took six bananas and put three of them stem-down into a cup of water so the tips were fully submerged in the liquid.

He then left the other three fruits on the side in his cool garage without any intervention, explaining he’d “come back in a week or so to see what they look like.”

After 12 days, @‌that40yearoldguy came back to the bananas and found that those that had been left without the water were coming apart and soggy.

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When picked up, the stems even dropped to the floor, tearing open the protective peel off the fruit.

The other bunch that were dipped in water, however, were completely intact.

Comparing the two bunches, the TikTok star noted how “shrivelled up” the dry bananas were, despite both groups showing a similar level of brown spots on their skin.

If bananas are bought green and this method is then used, they can last up to 15 days in total before entering banana-bread territory.

Of course, cling film can also be used to achieve similar results by wrapping it around the stems of individual bananas to trap the ethylene gas.

This way, there are fewer places for the ethylene gas to leak out because the stems are covered which means that the bananas will ripen more slowly.

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