Supermarket selling all veg for only 1p this week – but for limited time only

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As the cost of living continues to rise, Britons are finding ways to cut their grocery and energy bills. Some supermarkets are helping families with the difficult task by reducing the costs of their products.

Iceland has announced that it will be selling all its veg for just 1p this week.

But the offer is only available until Thursday.

Customers can buy the 1p veg online.

All shoppers need to do is add their chosen pack of vegetables to their basket when online shopping, before typing in a code.

The code customers must enter at checkout is ICE1VEG – guaranteeing them their discount.

The offer began yesterday, April 11, and will come to an end on Thursday, April 14.

Iceland said all its fresh veg included in the offer will have best before dates that fall after Easter Sunday.

This mean they will be fresh for the weekend.

The vegetables available in the offer include mushrooms, onions, baby new potatoes, mash potato, garlic, green beans, kale, broccoli florets, and more – all usually costing £1.

Richard Walker, managing director at Iceland, said: “Our 1p vegetable sale was so popular at Christmas, especially when so many other supermarkets hike up the prices of their roast ingredients, that we decided this was a no-brainer to run it again this Easter.

“If we can help people who are feeling the pinch right now to save a few vital pennies while enjoying the same amazing quality of vegetables, then we’ll have done our job of being the supermarket that shoppers can rely on.”

As the supermarket pointed out, it is not the first time Iceland has offered vegetables costing only 1p to customers.

The last time was in the run up to Christmas 2021.

At the time, the supermarket said its had “blown the competition out of the water” by selling cheaper products than its rivals Aldi and Lidl – even by as much as 18p.

However, the only difference was that customers had to buy three packs of veg to be eligible for the discount.

Full list of vegetables recued to 1p:

Iceland Closed Cup Mushrooms, 300g, £0.99

Iceland Onions, 1kg, £1.00

Iceland Red Onions, 3 pack, £1.00

Iceland Baby New Potatoes with Herb Butter, 360g, £1.00

Iceland Line Onions, 3 pack, £1.00

Iceland Mash Potato, 400g, £1.00

Iceland Garlic, 4 pack, £1.00

Iceland Stew Pack, 900g, £1.00

Iceland Green Beans, 220g, £1.00

Iceland Chestnut Mushrooms, 250g, £1.00

Iceland Kale, 200g, £1.00

Iceland Sugar Snap Peas, 150g, £1.00

Iceland Large Flat Mushrooms, 250g, £1.00

Iceland Cut Soup Vegetables, 320g, £1.00

Iceland Garden Peas, 800g, £1.00

Iceland Mini Corn Cobs, 625g, £1.00

Iceland Battered Onion Rings, 670g, £0.99

Iceland Mixed Veg, 900g, £1.00

Iceland Broccoli Florets, 800g, £1.00

Iceland Supersweet Sweetcorn, 700g, £1.00

Iceland Diced Onions, 650g, £1.00

Iceland Very Fine Whole Green Beans, 900g, £1.00

Iceland Cauliflower Florets, 800g, £1.00

Iceland Country Mix, 800g, £1.00

Iceland Button Sprouts, 900g, £1.00

Iceland Sliced Mixed Pepper, 650g, £1.00

Iceland Baby Carrots, 900g, £1.00

Iceland Floret & Carrot Mix, 900g, £1.00

Iceland Petit Pois Peas, 600g, £1.00

Iceland Whole Leaf Spinach, 900g, £1.00

Iceland Casserole Vegetables, 1kg, £1.00

Iceland Floret Mix, 800g, £1.00

Iceland Chopped Garlic, 100g, £1.00

Iceland Tenderstem Broccoli, 180g, £1.00

Iceland Sliced Green Beans, 900g, £1.00

Iceland Chopped Ginger, 75g, £1.00

Lockwoods Mushy Peas, 907g, £1.00

Iceland Chopped Coriander, 75g, £1.00

Iceland Mini Corn Cobs, 625g, £0.99

Iceland Chopped Chilli, 75g, £1.00

Iceland Sliced Mushrooms, 500g, £1.00

Iceland Garden Peas, 800g, £1.00

Iceland Carrot & Swede Mash, 450g, £1.00

Iceland Carrot Batons, 800g, £1.00

Iceland Butternut Squash, 500g, £1.00

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