The 10 Most-Saved Kitchn Recipes from August

Given that August is one of the hottest months, it seems like we do very little in the kitchen beyond slicing tomatoes and stirring up cocktails. But despite the heat, Kitchn readers are still cooking — and saving — recipes, even if they’re just for when things cool down a bit.

Here are the 10 most-saved recipes from August 2019. There are gorgeous salads, grain bowls, even a dessert or two. You may want to save these yourself.

How to Save Kitchn Recipes

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10. Sesame Chicken

This takeout favorite gets the easy at-home treatment with a one-skillet recipe so you can make it any night of the week.

Get the recipe: Sesame Chicken

9. Feta & Eggplant Pasta Salad

If you haven’t discovered the magic of roasted eggplant, do it now before summer is truly over. This simple pasta dish will make anyone an eggplant-lover.

Get the recipe: Feta & Eggplant Pasta Salad

8. Peanut Chicken Power Bowls

While most of August’s most-saved recipes are new, this recipe is a Kitchn classic. These power bowls have it all: flavorful chicken, nutty quinoa, and crunchy vegetables, all covered in a creamy peanut sauce.

Get the recipe: Peanut Chicken Power Bowls

7. Grilled Gnocchi with Summer Squash and Burst Tomatoes

Have you tried grilling gnocchi yet? Using kebab skewers keeps them from falling through the grates — and the smoky, toasted taste pairs perfectly with warm-weather veggies. Give it a try this weekend!

Get the recipe: Grilled Gnocchi with Summer Squash and Burst Tomatoes

6. Easy “Fried” Ice Cream

Not that you need to dress up ice cream, but if you every wanted to upgrade classic vanilla for a party, fried ice cream is it. And this one is especially great. It requires no deep-frying, so there’s no splatter to worry about, and far less mess!

Get the recipe: Easy “Fried” Ice Cream

5. Deconstructed Falafel Salad

This gorgeous salad has all the flavors of falafel with half the effort and double the herbs. Save this for office lunch ideas in September.

Get the recipe: Deconstructed Falafel Salad

4. 5-Ingredient Creamy Corn Bucatini with Burrata

All of Kitchn’s editors are obsessed with this recipe. Honestly, I’m surprised it isn’t at the top of our most-saved list. Fresh summer corn makes a huge difference here, so make it soon, if you can.

Get the recipe: 5-Ingredient Creamy Corn Bucatini with Burrata

3. Easiest-Ever 15-Minute Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp scampi is really just shrimp in a garlicky butter sauce — and this one is worthswiping your bread through.

Get the recipe: Easiest-Ever 15-Minute Shrimp Scampi

2. Chicken Shawarma Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing

This flavorful salad is warmly spiced and perfectly chilled, so it is the kind of thing you want to eat on repeat.

Get the recipe: Chicken Shawarma Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing

1. Chocolate Bumpy Cake

Here it is! August’s most-saved recipe is a chocolate cake. But not just any cake — a 100-year-old Michigan staple that looks as gooey and delicious as can be. Bravo to anyone who has cranked their oven to bake in the heat of August. I’m saving the recipe for October.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Bumpy Cake

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