The Absolute Best Mini-Fridges for Your Dorm Room, No Matter How Much Space You Have

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I remember walking into my freshman dorm room for the first time—the harsh fluorescent lighting, musty smell, plastic-coated mattress. It was a far cry from home, but as I unpacked my clothes and Twin XL sheets, the room began to transform. And one of the most important homey touches I could add? A mini fridge.

Hear me out. Where else could I put my comfort foods (i.e. ice cream, cookie dough, night cheese), or stash frozen meals for extra-late study sessions? Plus it made it easier to hack healthier meals from my cafeteria (hi, homemade dressings). And if you haven’t used a refrigerated Korean face mask to calm down from a rough day, then you’re doing it wrong. 

Yep, mini fridges are a dorm room must-have. And with back-to-school season upon us, chances are that you (or a student you know) is looking for a fridge small enough to fit into new digs. Whether you just need a compact cube to store leftovers and snacks or a bigger refrigerator-freezer combo to split with roommates, we’ve combed through thousands of customer reviews and found four guaranteed-A+ mini fridges on Amazon perfect for whatever space you have. 

These are the best mini fridges to buy on Amazon:

  • Best for Itty-Bitty Spaces: Cooluli 4L Cooler & Warmer
  • Best Fuss-Free Pick: Midea Compact Refrigerator
  • Best Stylish Pick: Kenmore Compact Mini Refrigerator
  • Best for Bigger Spaces: COSTWAY Compact Refrigerator

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Best for Itty-Bitty Spaces: Cooluli 4L Cooler & Warmer

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For the tiniest spaces (think under a desk or a closet shelf), try this portable fridge. It weighs just over four pounds, but is big enough to hold up to six 12-ounce cans. Plus its thermoelectric system allows you to switch from cooler to food warmer (take that, microwave-ban!). 

It’s Amazon’s best-selling compact refrigerator, with more than 2,000 perfect five-star reviews. Customers rave about how quickly it chills beverages, even on the go. “I live in a dorm where I share a fridge with three other girls,” writes an Amazon user. “I’ll put things in the fridge and sometimes they magically seem to disappear. This little fridge is great to store the things I really want without taking up too much room. It comfortably holds a can of soda, a soup thermos, and a snack container. I also love the little compartment on the back of the fridge door, perfect for storing small snacks or sauce packets. It’s super quiet and cooled up super quickly (within 15 min of plug in).”

To buy: $45;

Best Fuss-Free Pick: Midea Compact Refrigerator

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This straightforward mini fridge is perfect for tight spaces. It’s designed with adjustable legs as well as a reversible door that can open from the left or right, and includes in-door storage compartments and a very little freezer (for mini cups of Ben & Jerry’s, of course).

Shoppers love how cool and quiet this fridge is, calling it “a life saver” for offices and dorm rooms. “I have a small office and was looking for a fridge that would fit a decent amount of items, while still being little enough to be discreet,” says a reviewer. “It's great. Doesn't use a lot of energy and can hold several bottles of 16-ounce water bottles, a few yogurts, and my lunch entree. The freezer is pretty small, but I rarely ever use it. When I do, it's big enough to fit one fairly large TV dinner.” 

To buy: $112 (originally $170);

Best Stylish Pick: Kenmore Compact Mini Refrigerator

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Not only is this compact refrigerator from Kenmore is Energy Star-qualified, its retro mint green color is one of the coolest looks we’ve found. And at 4.4 cubic feet, it’s large enough to store whatever snacks and sips you need. 

Reviewers describe how its built-in freezer keeps foods ice cold. “Purchased for my sons college dorm room,” writes a user. “He is super happy to have a freezer that is cold enough to make ice cubes and keep products frozen. The fridge is quite large and works great for pitchers of water and I am sure beer…” Cheers to that!

To buy: $250; 

Best for Bigger Spaces: COSTWAY Compact Refrigerator

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If you have some room to play with, then this fridge-freezer combo is for you. It has everything you’d expect from your normal-sized fridge at home: an ice tray, crisper drawer, adjustable glass shelves, even a built-in lamp (for midnight munching). Its thermostat ranges between 50°F and 32°F, giving you ultimate control over foods’ temperature. 

Reviewers say the COSTWAY is the perfect size and a great value for the cost. The best part? Its freezer is big enough to hold all your favorites. “My husband was recently admitted to a skilled nursing facility for the remainder of his days,” writes a user. “We were told we could purchase a fridge/freezer. I asked the Amazon community how much the freezer held and one kind person stated that it held one gallon ice cream, five large frozen pizzas, and two large bags of french fries—and he was correct. This has a lot of storage space and everyone at the nursing home is envious of my husband.”

To buy: $216 (originally $260);

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