The best party food you can buy in supermarkets this Christmas

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Whether you’re enjoying the festive period with immediate family or having a huge party with neighbours and friends, it’s always a good idea to have a few packs of party food on stock. explored each supermarket’s party food ranges and it seems many have focused on creating delicious and different seafood and fish – with prawns in blankets being the new food trend for 2022.


One of Asda’s stand-out flavours is truffle, and its Extra Special Smoked Salmon Blinis with Truffle and Dill Cream Cheese is great for hosts who want to feel as if they’ve made some effort for their guests. 

Any vegans, meat eaters and cheese lovers will all thoroughly enjoy Asda’s Planted Base breaded vegan brie bites and sweet chilli relish – they’re so good you wouldn’t know they’re vegan. 


Lidl is one of two supermarkets to have dominated the Quality Food and Drink awards this year picking up more than 10 awards for its festive offerings. Lidl’s Deluxe King Prawns with Marie Rose & Brandy Sauce won Best Party food after 400 judges from the food industry tasted the product. 

The supermarket’s Deluxe Caramelised Onion & Goat Cheese Tartlets also won the Best Vegan/Vegetarian product in the awards. 


Looking for a classic starter? Consider Tesco’s scallop shells filled with juicy king prawns and succulent scallops, topped with a rich creamy white wine and cheese sauce and finished with crunchy gruyere gluten-free crumbs. It’s a dish that’s sure to bring a little variety to the festive season. 

Equally as impressive is the Tesco Finest Lobster Mac & Cheese Pots, which are said to be a “luxurious festive snack for all the family”. Tesco are also throwing its hat into the ring with plump prawns wrapped in bacon. 

For those who fancy a little sweet treat, Tesco’s Mini Salted Caramel Tarts are brand new for 2022 and are ideal for sharing if you can resist eating them all. 


Sainsbury’s has “taken the ultimate shellfish showstopper, and combined it with a bitesize breakfast classic to create the ultimate party food hybrid”. Fluffy, mini crumpets, generously topped with a flavour-packed brown Crab Thermidor sauce, enriched with British double cream, topped with a decorative parsley and breadcrumb sprinkle – what’s not to like? 

It wouldn’t be Christmas without cheese and Sainsbury’s has a “retro party favourite” that everyone will enjoy. Its Taste The Difference Molten triple cheese fondue bites are “indulgent cheese mouthfuls with an oozing cheese centre”. 


There are not many places you can buy corndogs in the UK, so Morrisons has filled that gap. Its Christmas Corndogs With Honey And Mustard Sauce will be popular with children. Another taste of America is Morrisons The Best 8 New York Style Pastrami Meatballs With A Relish.  

From the premium Christmas collection, The Best Pork Belly Bites with Barbecue Sauce are created using the finest ingredients to bring you a little bit of luxury every day. 

Like Aldi, Morrisons is offering prawns-in-blankets, but the tiger prawn variety which are wrapped in Hampshire breed dry cured smoked streaky bacon. 

Morrisons is also selling handpicked delicate white Cornish Crab meat with a creamy crab pâté in the shells. 


Doing what it does best, Aldi is also offering showstopper party food products but for a fraction of the price. The supermarket’s Specially Selected Lobster Tails (£14.99, 254g, on sale December 19) and Whole Lobsters (400g for £9.99) are the perfect eye-catching centre piece or a brilliant option for a starter. 

Aldi is also one of many supermarkets to have jumped on the prawns-in-blankets food trend this year. The supermarket’s Specially Selected King Prawns in Blankets are available in original or orange and rosemary sauce. 


Waitrose is jumping on the King Prawn hype but they’ve blended the popular fish with the even more popular flavour that’s Katsu to create Curry Melts. The supermarket claims “big flavours made bitesize” and they’re perfect for canapes and drinks. 

The No.1 Christmas Dinner Sausage Roll is Waitrose’s “festive take on the ultimate sausage roll”. Expect golden puff pastry filled with perfectly seasoned outdoor-bred pork, turkey and cranberries. Check the deli counters for them, and while you’re there, the supermarket’s No.1 Three-Bird Layered Pork Pie is a classic with a festive twist, and it’s beautiful decorated to wow all your guests. 

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