The Best Wines to Buy at Aldi for Under $15

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Let us reiterate, wine should not be fussy, and most importantly it does not need to break the bank in order to coined a “great” wine. After countless requests on whether finding really good wine at Aldi is possible, the beloved German-owned discount supermarket chain, we’re happy to report a resounding yes. For some folks, super low wine prices (especially for bubbles and reds) can cloud judgement when it comes to pulling the trigger. A bottle of Champagne—actual Champagne made in Champagne, France—for $15? A drinkable bottle of red for under $10? It’s possible, and thanks to a little education (ahem, how to read wine labels to get what you want) you can stock up on stellar bottles while simultaneously buying all the goods at Aldi.

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William Davis, Advanced Sommelier and Director of Education at Wilson Daniels, a family-owned marketing and sales company, is a fan of wine at all price levels. “Although I love to buy wines from the Wilson Daniels portfolio, as the producers are friends and family that I stay with on travels across Europe, there are some really fun selections [Aldi],” Davis says. “Aldi can be fun to go to as they offer special one-offs from time to time from established producers, but their everyday brands are better than most wines I can find for twice the price,” he adds. 

Before you hit Aldi, bookmark our list of all the wines you should seek out for Sunday supper and beyond. 

Pinot Noir Vetted by an Advanced Sommelier 

Davis, also an Advanced Sommelier, turns to Broken Clouds Pinot Noir at $14 a pop. “I often say that there are wines that suck for the price—this one doesn’t,” says Davis. “Ripe strawberry and raspberry notes with enough structure to work with a variety of foods,” he adds, noting the wine pairs well with vegan dishes like mushrooms and beets—or “go decadent with maple glazed pork belly.” Additionally, this wine was ranked #22 on Wine Enthusiast’s list of Top 100 Best Buy Wines for 2016. 

$15 Weeknight Champagne

Christy Graham, an attorney and biscuit-making Instagram friend, recently dropped into my DMs with a beautiful bottle of Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut she’d scored at Aldi for $15, questioning if it was a true Champagne. After a little investigating, it turns out Aldi teamed up with well-known Champagne house, Philizot & Fils, to produce this award-winning, affordable bubbly—some even say it rivals one of my longtime favorites, Laurent-Perrier. I saw the word Champagne on a bottle in Aldi so of course I had to get it,” she adds. “I always keep it in the fridge now—I have my mom friends over a lot and we can drink Champagne for no particular reason on a weeknight.” 

A Red That’s Like Dessert On Its Own 

Best way to end a delicious meal? A sweet, but not too sweet, red wine that takes the cake (or in this instance, takes the place of cake). “I was attracted to Moiselle Sweet Red by the cute packaging, low price point, and a screw-top (who has time to find the wine opener?),” says Holly Allen, Office Manager at Hibernian Hospitality Group. At $5 a bottle, it might actually be more affordable than making a box of brownies. “I love that it is smooth, easy to drink, and is the perfect substitute for dessert,” Allen adds. Insider tip: for summer, she suggests drinking it chilled on the back porch.

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Sunshine In a Bottle Kind of Wine 

If you see Grande Alberone Bianco, stock up while you can. Exclusive to Aldi, and just $8 a pop, you don’t want to miss out on this Sicilian white blend—especially during warmer weather months. It’s essentially sunshine in a bottle and perfect for sipping slightly chilled on its own on the patio or with all the beautiful salads and grilled vegetables you plan on eating. I like to suggest this bottle to friends who are burnt out on Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio as it’s  lighter and softer—and also something new to bring to the table. 

Sweatpants and Pizza Wine

Yep, pizza wine. And I don’t care if it’s Domino’s or fancy pizza, red wine is always a good idea. Corte Bella Rosso is a not-too-boozy, semi-sweet, $7 red that you should stock up for a super casual dinner in. Serve it slightly chilled, sit by the fire in sweatpants and devour an entire pizza straight from the box or a basic, out-of-the-jar sauced plate of spaghetti. Note: Rosso is also enjoyable on its own. 

Backyard Barbecue Wine 

California Zinfandel is always a good idea when it comes to a solid food friendly wine—especially when it comes to picking out a perfect backyard barbecue kind of bottle. Grill up some ribs, open a few bottles, and let the spicy black pepper notes and smoky finish work magic. Reds, as we’ve previously noted, are typically more spendy due to the aging process but Scarlet Path Lodi Zinfandel comes in at $9 a bottle so it’s easy to stock up for gatherings. Plus, the velvet label makes for a great party aesthetic. 

Brunch Bubbles 

It’s obvious that I'm all about the bubbles, all the time, so it should be no surprise to find Belletti Prosecco on my frequent buy list. And at $9, that means you can score around 5 bottles for the same price as one bottle of Champagne. A fun fruity, zesty bubbly for brunch, as it pairs well with virtually everything (Thai food included!). And if seeking mimosas, this is a solid bet as you don’t want to spend too much on wine if you’re mixing it into cocktail form. 

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