The Savory High-Protein Breakfast for People Who Can’t Face Another Egg

Generally speaking, I’m skeptical of turning sweet dishes into savory ones, but as it happens, savory yogurt is the best possible way to eat handfuls of raw vegetables for breakfast. Cooling yogurt and crisp vegetables are a revelation for steamy summer mornings, and make for a breakfast that’s satisfying without being heavy.

This savory yogurt is inspired by the flavors of raita, and begins with brown mustard seeds and sliced garlic toasted in hot oil. Both lend a kick of flavor and a hint of savoriness to the creamy yogurt. Instead of shredding cucumbers into the yogurt, they’re sliced, salted, and served alongside. The same goes for carrots, radishes, tomatoes, or even salad turnips. Greens cut into thin ribbons and massaged with lemon, salt, and olive oil would be delicious as well. 

The yogurt, vegetables, and olive oil can all be prepped ahead of time, meaning you can assemble a quick but healthful breakfast any day of the week. Oh, and these ingredients love sea salt — taste and add salt according to your preference as you go.

Savory Yogurt Bowl with Sliced Veggies and Fried Mustard Seeds


For the yogurt:

  • 2 cups

    plain Greek yogurt

  • 1/2 teaspoon

    kosher salt

For the vegetables:

  • 1

    large cucumber, thinly sliced

  • 3

    medium carrots, thinly sliced

  • 6

    small radishes, thinly sliced

  • Kosher salt

  • 1/2

    medium lemon

For the toppings:

  • 2 tablespoons

    extra-virgin olive oil

  • 1 teaspoon

    brown mustard seeds

  • 1 clove

    garlic, thinly sliced

  • 1/4 teaspoon

    kosher salt

  • 1/4 cup

    finely chopped fresh cilantro leaves

  • 1/4 cup

    thinly sliced scallions


  1. Stir the yogurt and salt together, cover, and refrigerate.

  2. Sprinkle the cucumbers, carrots, and radishes with salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. Cover and refrigerate.

  3. Either ahead of time or just before serving, heat the oil in a small skillet over medium heat until shimmering. Add the mustard seeds and salt. Cook, shaking the pan gently, just until the seeds start to pop, about 1 minute. Quickly add the garlic and remove from the heat; nudge the garlic with a spoon to prevent browning (it should sizzle in the hot oil, even off of the heat). After 1 minute, transfer to a small bowl to prevent the spices from burning. Cool briefly before using.

  4. To assemble, divide the salted yogurt between 2 bowls. Arrange the vegetables around the yogurt and drizzle each bowl with 1 tablespoon of the mustard and oil mixture. Top with the cilantro and scallions.

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