The Ultimate Challenge for Trader Joe's Lovers

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Shopping at Trader Joe’s can be an ordeal. No matter when you go, you know it’s going to be crowded, and unless you’re going for a date, grocery shopping is an act of solitude—a time to reflect and ponder, to look ahead and ask yourself how you’re going to feed people over the coming week. And you can’t exactly do that when the pasta aisle is so packed that the very idea of nudging your way in induces a claustrophobic panic attack. 

Yes, Trader Joe’s asks a lot of you. But its benefits are well worth it. In return, you get fantastic snacks at low prices, fun appetizers you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere, and a staff that’s friendly to the point of being flirtatious. You get cheap canned cocktails that impress your friends and hand cream that rivals what you’d find in a specialty store. 

If there’s one thing we know about our readers, it’s that their grocery store loyalties are strong. And after seeing how much you enjoyed our Costco Bingo challenge, we knew we had to make a board for Trader Joe’s. Just take a screenshot of the bingo board (or print it out) and bring it along to your next TJ’s run. Don’t be shy about shouting “bingo!” as you shop.  

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