This $14 Space-Saving Kitchen Tool Has Zoomed Up Amazon’s Best-Sellers List

Glotoch Kitchen Collapsible Colander

Speedy, satisfying, and wallet-friendly pasta is one of our go-to weeknight dinners. But as much as we love a bowl of noodles, finding a place to keep a bulky colander is a hassle. Thankfully, we don’t have to choose between crowded cupboards and one of the world’s greatest foods any longer: There’s a handy colander that folds to the size of a plate for fuss-free storage.

Glotoch Kitchen Collapsible Colander

The Glotoch Kitchen Collapsible Colander is made with flexible food-grade silicone that opens to hold 6 quarts of pasta and smoothly collapses when not in use. In addition to its convenient folding, the Glotoch colander is designed with other clever details like nonslip handles that extend to fit across the sink and a skid-resistant bottom. Both features not only keep foods from touching your not-so-clean sink, but also give extra stability when you’re draining steaming hot liquids.

Glotoch Kitchen Collapsible Colander Product Image

To buy: $14;

Amazon shoppers can’t get enough of it—the product has a remarkable 4.6-star rating and jumped in popularity by 678% in the retailer’s kitchen department this week. They praise the tool for its sturdiness and generous storage capacity, saying it’s perfect for anyone with a small kitchen.

“Saves space and is big enough for family meals,” wrote a user. “My other colanders were taking up too much room in my pots and pans cupboard—this helped immensely.”

Another added how much of a difference the extendable handles make: “It’s so simple, but the handles that sit on the side of your sink, making draining hands-free, are awesome. It also doesn’t touch the bottom of the sink, keeping your food free of whatever germs are in the sink.”

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Reviewers also wrote that the dishwasher-friendly silicone body is easier to maintain than traditional metal colanders. “I got rid of my old one because it was so difficult to clean and this one is 100% opposite,” one said.

And with a price tag of just $14, the Glotoch colander costs even less than a bowl of pasta at your favorite Italian joint. Go ahead and snag one of your own so you can fit home-cooked noodles into your weeknight dinner rotation.

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