This $3 Scraper Is the Secret to Safely Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware

There are so many reasons to love cast iron cookware. It’s relatively affordable, versatile, and adds a ton of flavor to your favorite dishes, not to mention, it lasts for decades if you clean and care for it properly. In fact, plenty of folks pass down pieces to younger generations, and if you plan to do the same—or simply want to get as many years out of yours as possible—then you’re going to need a set of these popular pan cleaners.

These durable pan scrapers from Lodge are designed to gently clean cast iron cookware without scratching or damaging surfaces. The strong but flexible polycarbonate tools are on sale for just $3 and make it incredibly easy to remove gunk, burnt-on food, and more from your favorite cookware. No wonder over 2,000 Amazon shoppers gave them a five-star review.

Buy It: $3 (orig. $10);

The versatile cleaners come from Lodge, the family-owned company behind Amazon’s insanely popular pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. Just like the rest of its product assortment, these little scrapers are inexpensive and made in the United States. And thanks to Amazon’s add-on program, you can get them with complimentary shipping when you spend $25 or more.

While the handy tools are ideal for removing baked on or burnt food, as well as rust and other unsavory debris clinging to your pans, they can also be used for all sorts of other cleaning projects. Amazon shoppers use them to remove stickers and gum, scrub down grills and ovens, and much more. And since they’re dishwasher safe, they’re easy to clean and sanitize.

“These are just the best little gadgets,” one reviewer wrote. “They clean more than just the Lodge cast iron pans and kettles. The corners offer four different curves, so they clean around the edges of any shaped dish. Casserole dishes often need [to be] scrubbed, and these scrapers shine at that chore. They aren't showing any wear after a couple of months, but I will happily replace them if the ever do. This is a purchase I recommend to everybody.”

Owners also love them for giving old cookware new life. Pair them with a little elbow grease, and you’ll be able to use your favorite pieces even longer, which will help you save a ton in the long run.

“I have a frying pan that was still pretty new, but a black spot in the middle formed where all of the food I fried was sticking and burning,” another user wrote. “I thought I just needed a new pan however, when I scraped this black spot with this little thing, the spot came off. I continued to use the pan daily and the food is not burning there anymore, so [these] little scrapers saved me the $35 I would have to spent on a new pan. I am absolutely happy with these scrapers.”

While you could live without them, why force yourself to live in a world where dishwashing takes forever and causes frustration. As one owner pointed out, they make cleaning cast iron skillets—and everything else in your kitchen quick and easy. “Where there used to be frustration and curse words, there is now glee and sweet satisfaction,” the reviewer wrote. “Scraping pans, tins, and tray sheets has become a peach since I bought these.” Sounds like they’re worth a whole lot more than $3, don’t you think?

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