This Corn-Shaped Stool Is Exactly What Your House Needs

Have you ever looked around your bedroom or living room and thought to yourself I could really use a little stool that looks like a piece of a corn cob. No, of course you haven’t! Because stools should look like stools! Yet, a corn cob stool DOES exist. And it can be yours for $155 (that’s Australian dollars, which comes out to about $109 in American dollars).

When we first saw it, we were squarely against it. We’re all adults here, and vegetable-themed seating doesn’t exactly scream grown-up. But then we spotted the exact same stool in this House Tour on Apartment Therapy and had a change of heart. The bedroom you’re looking at belongs to a 6-year-old, but it has that boho feel that Anthropologie and Target’s Opalhouse brand work so hard to help us achieve. This room could easily fit in somewhere in, say, Southern California or a cabin in the woods. And, yes, the corn stool would easily look great in a kids’ room or a play room.

Now that we’re more on board, let’s take a closer look! Each kernel is hand-painted and there are individual strands of “corn silk” added to the stool throughout. It’s made of resin, which means two things: It’s heavy and it can also be used outside. Let’s not forget that giant bite that’s been taken out! It’s honestly a piece of work! (Makes sense considering the artists were inspired by Claes Oldenburger and his giant floor burger and Jeff Koons’ puppy.)

Not a fan of corn but now feeling the burning desire to own a food-themed seating option? The same Australian shop also offers a burger stool, and an ice cream cone stool. And we’ve rounded up a few other options, too.

1. Wow! Works Adult Pink Donut Beanbag, $100

Technically a beanbag chair meant for adults, this cute guy only measures 16 by 16 inches and stands 6 inches tall. So think of it more like a cheeky floor cushion you can perch on.

2. Ice Cream Bench, $950 at Jellio

It’s a giant ice cream sandwich! In bench form! The chocolate wafer cushions are covered in canvas and the ice cream part is vinyl, which means it’ll clean up nicely if you were to, say, drip some ice cream on it.

3. Wine Enthusiast Giant Champagne Cork Stool, $260

For the bubbly-lover who saves her Champagne corks, this piece is made of quality Portuguese cork and can be used as a stool or a table. Definitely keep this one out of the kids’ room.

Which one is your favorite? Where would you put it?

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