This Doughnut Bouquet Is the Sweetest Way to Treat Your Valentine


If you’re in a relationship, you’re probably still recovering from the stressful process of finding the perfect Christmas gift for your partner. The problem is that Valentine’s Day means you don’t have much time to rest on your laurels before the gifting process starts right back up again. If you’re part of a couple (or throuple) that thrives on eating well and thoughtful romantic gestures, then consider gifting a lovely bouquet… of doughnuts.

Yup, you heard that right: for the second year in a row, Harry and David are selling their “Donut Bouquet” which is pretty much exactly the kind of delicious gift that it sounds like. Wrapped up similarly to a dozen roses, each $49.99 bouquet comes with 10 mini doughnuts (which seem to be having a moment in 2020) in one of four different, decadent flavors.

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Specifically, you’ll find four milk chocolate doughnuts, three with dark chocolate, two with white chocolate, and one pink-tinted white chocolate doughnut. Each of the non-pink doughnuts is adorned with a mix of mini heart sprinkles and pink drizzle to really drive the Valentine’s Day theme home.

Is $50 a lot to pay for some tissue paper and ten mini doughnuts? Given that Krispy Kreme is giving away free mini doughnuts on certain days this January, probably. But does it stand out as an incredibly sweet gesture that combines the cliched gifts of flowers and a box of chocolates into something sweeter and more novel? Absolutely. You’re guaranteed to never look at a bouquet the same way again after gifting these.


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