‘This is amazing’: Strawberries hack to keep fruit fresh for a week – they ‘look like new’

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The mum goes by “Beer Can Chick” on her social media accounts where she boasts many followers. The expert in recipes and “mom life” [sic] has over 106k followers on TikTok and more than 1.4 million likes. She posts family updates here as well as clever hacks for cooking and storing food.

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“There are several ways to store strawberries, but this is my favourite one,” the content creator said.

The first thing to do is make sure you are storing the freshes strawberries.

She explained: “First, sort your strawberries. Look for any bruises or mould. Set the bruised strawberries aside.”

Bruised or moulding fruit will encourage other foods to go off and start getting mouldy sooner.

After sorting the strawberries, it’s time to put them in their storage.

“You will need a glass container or a Mason jar,” she said.

“Place a paper towel in the bottom and then layer your strawberries,” she explained, as she demonstrated how.

“Put a paper towel between layers,” the content creator went on.

“Cover then strawberries and place the jar in the cooler.”

She compared the results of this method after a week, compared to simply keeping strawberries in the container they were bought in.

Those stored in glass with paper towels were in much better condition.

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“After a week you can see a considerable amount of mould all around the strawberries,” she said of the berries in their original packaging.

But of the fruit in the glass jar she said: “After a week the strawberries look like new. This is pretty amazing.”

Why do strawberries go mouldy so fast?

Strawberries are an ideal place for mould to grow, which is why they go mouldy quickly – even compared to other fruit.

Strawberries are a wet and sweet environment, perfect for mould to grow.

They also go bad quickly compared to other fruit because they are very sensitive to light and heat.

How to keep strawberries fresh

There are numerous tips and tricks to keep strawberries fresh, with some conflicting advice out there. Try these hacks and see which works best for you.

Wash in vinegar

Some claim bathing their berries in vinegar when they get them home makes them last longer.

This is because vinegar kills bacteria, and so is thought to prevent mould.

Make sure to wash the vinegar off your fruits, or they will taste far less delicious than you hoped.

Keep them on kitchen paper

This method to keep strawberries fresh was detailed by Jenna of @jenneatsgoood.

Kitchen paper absorbs moisture, and so can help to keep berries fresher for longer.

Layer kitchen paper on the bottom of a Tupperware box before putting your berries in, closing the box and storing them in the fridge.

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