This Pizza-Eating Groundhog Is the Quarantine Icon We Need


While being locked inside and constantly grappling with our mortality sucks, COVID-19’s widespread lockdowns and quarantines have led to a decrease in human activity and pollution. That’s cleared the air in formerly smog-choked cities, encouraged wildlife to venture into normally forbidden territory, and birthed a “nature is healing” meme.

But the true winner in all of this is a Pennsylvanian groundhog. Not the groundhog who inspired a movie where Bill Murray lived the same day over and over again (can’t imagine what that’s like), but a Philly area rodent who took advantage of his newfound freedom to munch down on some pizza. Behold, “Pizza Groundhog.”

It’s not just the people that like Philly pizza….

“Before I recorded, we noticed that pizza was out in our backyard and we didn’t know where it came from,” amateur videographer Kristin Chalela Bagnell told CNN of the moments leading up to her unexpected backyard diner. “Then both of the dogs were very intently looking out the glass.”

Those homebound canines couldn’t stop Pizza Groundhog from doing his thing, as he apparently stood there for an hour munching down on a slice of what appears to be some leftover Sicilian-style pizza. That might seem like a long time to eat a single slice, but I’d imagine it’d take most of us about that long to eat pizza that was about 25 to 30 percent of our body size. If anyone wants to know for sure how long that would take, I will gladly sign up for the challenge.

Honestly, Pizza Groundhog was probably just really stoked to be enjoying such a gourmet meal at a time when city-bound rodents are having a tough time getting by. With minimal foot traffic in public areas and widespread restaurant closures, some predict that rats in New York might have to resort to cannibalism to survive. Pretty dark!

Never mind all that though, Pizza Groundhog is the wholesome content we need to get through another repetitive day of lockdown. Maybe someone should check if he’s seen his shadow for some kind of sign as to when all of this might be over.


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