UK supermarket’s best Hot Cross Buns for Easter 2023 – review

Hot Cross Bun season is officially among us with Britons flocking to supermarkets far and wide to pick up a packet or two. tried and reviewed Hot Cross Buns from Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl and Waitrose ahead of Easter weekend.

Hot Cross Buns are described as “sweet buns that are lightly spiced and studded with raisins or currants”, as per The Kitchn.

They are then finalised with a cross either piped on with icing or etched into the dough. Hot Cross Buns are a staple Easter snack not only due to their delicious taste but also their historical and religious significance.

In Christian tradition, the cross on top of the bun is thought to allude to the crucifixion of Jesus.

According to Ina Taylor and Ina Turner who wrote Christianity, the spices inside the bun represent the spices put on the body of Jesus, while the sweet fruits show that Christians no longer have to eat plain foods. Here’s how each supermarket fared when it came to making this delicious seasonal concoction.


Tesco Hot Cross Buns, Richly Fruited – 99p for six buns

Tesco’s Hot Cross Buns were the first batch that tried during our Easter taste test.

The team were pretty impressed with the quality and quantity of raisins – it was “richly fruited” as promised, containing “plump sultanas, currants, raisins and mixed peel”.

However, they found the bun itself rather dry and tough. 2/5.

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Morrisons The Best Extra Fruity Hot Cross Buns – £1.25 (down from £1.59) for four buns

Overall the team loved Morrisons’ take on the Hot Cross Bun, citing its sweetness as an important factor.

Indeed, the official website shared that it was filled to the brim with “juicy vine fruits, orange zest and spices”.

They also had a really yummy yet subtle touch of cinnamon which complemented the fruit nicely. 4/5.


Lidl Deluxe Luxury Hot Cross Buns – £1.39 for four buns was quite disappointed with Lidl’s Hot Cross Buns, and despite the promise of luxury they sadly did not deliver.

Some of the team felt that the bun was dry and slightly stale.

The bun’s redeeming factor was that it was packed with a generous amount of fruit. 1/5.

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Waitrose Essential Hot Cross Buns – £1.10 for four buns

Finally, sampled Waitrose’s own label buns packed with “soaked sultanas, currants and citrus peel”.

The team thought it was very tasty although its paler appearance let it down slightly. 3/5.

Overall Morrisons The Best Extra Fruity Hot Cross Buns came out the clear winner, praised by the team for their fruitiness and zest.

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