Waffle House Sold Out of Waffle Mix in Four Hours


24-hour restaurant chain Waffle House is usually a very reliable spot. Any time more than a handful of its locations have to close, it means FEMA is probably monitoring the “Waffle House Index” to understand the size and scope of a natural disaster. But with the COVID-19 pandemic inspiring a widespread, record-setting wave of closures at more than 600 locations, fans of the southern staple have been desperate for their waffle fix over the past few weeks.

That likely explains why the company’s waffle mix has been selling like hotcakes (sorry) recently. According to CNN, Waffle House’s specialty Waffle Mix sold out in a matter of four hours when it went up on the company’s website earlier this week.

Sold in units of three 13-ounce bags, his “Signature Sweet Cream” Waffle Mix comes with all the batter you need to make five or six waffles. For $20 plus shipping, that yields about 15 to 18 waffles, so not too bad of a deal all things considered.

Given that most of the restaurants closed by COVID-19 from coast to coast operate on razor-thin margins, Waffle House is far from the first place to sell some of its ingredients to customers. Restaurants ranging from individual bistros all the way up to Panera and Subway have pivoted to sell off their wholesale shipments, helping to help their fans skip the grocery store and acquire bulk foods while bringing in at least some revenue in the hopes of staying afloat.

Though there’s no specific timeline for when Waffle House’s popular Waffle Mix will be back in stock, that’s not the only thing in their web store that people might want at a time like this. You can also stock up on coffee or even a Waffle House-themed version of Monopoly. And if there was ever a time to actually sit down and play a game of Monopoly from start to finish, it’s pretty much right now.






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