Waitrose launches its first ever meal deal for £5

Waitrose has made the huge decision to start offering meal deals to its customers and will launch its first ever meal deal in a matter of days.

This offer will include everything from sandwiches to sushi, salads to smoothies, as well as fruit, cereal bars, crisps and juices.

Customers who have opted into myWaitrose can enjoy a further benefit – a free cup of coffee whenever they purchase the meal deal, The Telegraph reported.

While this is an exciting move from Waitrose, there are other contenders to compete with when it comes to meal deals. 

Meal deals offered by Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons are all priced under £4.

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However, the price point aligns with £5 premium meal deals offered by some supermarkets which provide more deluxe items.

For example, for £5.50 or £5 Clubcard price, Tesco shoppers can purchase a Selected Drink + Snack + Tesco Finest Or Branded Sandwich, Wrap, Roll, Salad Or Sushi.

According to The Grocer, Jennifer Moscardini, Waitrose food-to-go buyer, said: “We know lots of our customers are heading into our shops to grab something for their lunch, so to be able to offer them a convenient, high-quality and great value meal deal is really important for us.”

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Industry expert Karen Green suggested that Waitrose meal deals are a wise move: “They’ve been called out for not being good value, so I think it was inevitable.

“[Meal deals] drive footfall. As people get forced to go back into the office, they will ask, ‘Where am I going get my lunch from? I’ll treat myself to Waitrose.

“It’s not a super treat. But I know it’s going to be a fiver and I might get something really good value’.”

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