We compare supermarket own-brand Bran Flakes too see which is best

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Supermarket own-brands are struggling households’ best friends during the cost of living crisis.

By switching from name brands to own-brand products, you can save money on your shopping bill.

With that in mind, Lancs Live reporter Fatima Aziz ditched the Kellogg’s brand and decided to pit supermarket own-brand Bran Flakes against each other to find the best one. 

Here is how she got on:


“To look at, they were thin, crispy and varied in size with some smaller flakes and some much larger flakes – but I liked that variation.

“In short, they looked good.

“With a generous dash of milk I tucked in, but sadly, I knew straight away this bowl was not making the cut.

“The thin and crispy look fooled me into thinking they would have a nice crunchy texture.

“Instead they were hard, brittle and rather flavourless.

“The only enjoyable part was when they had softened up with the milk but even then, while the texture might have been rectified but there was very little flavour to them.

“If I thought really hard about it, there was a hint of sweetness to them but who wants to think that hard first thing in a morning?.

“At 95p for a 500g box, price wise, it’s not a bad option, but certainly not the one for me.

“Taste: 2/5”


“This version is the same price as the Asda one and you get a whole 250g more in the pack. So far so good.

“When I poured out a bowl, I felt the flakes looked very similar to the Asda version – uh oh.

“But happily, that’s where the comparisons stopped.

“Aldi’s Bran Flakes have heaps more flavour, almost like a bowl of Shreddies.

“The flakes are thin and crispy without being brittle.

“What I loved the most is that even when they sat in the milk for a few minutes, they were still so enjoyable and dare I say, moreish.

“I thoroughly enjoyed both the taste and texture of this bowl and considering you get way more than the Asda version for the exact same price, I’d say this one is much more worth your money.

“Taste: 5/5”


“If you’re after a bowl of cardboard, then this is the cereal for you.

“I know this cereal is supposed to be slightly more nutritional with added wholegrain levels but when all you can taste is nothing but wholegrain, it does get very boring, very quick.

“The texture isn’t the worst, the flakes are fairly crunchy and not too dry but honestly, that’s the only redeeming factor of this entire cereal-eating experience.

“Considering it costs £1.15 and knowing there are already better quality options that offer more value for money, I’d say give this one a miss.

“Taste: 2/5”


“This is what I’d call a ‘no frills’ take on Bran Flakes. Everything was just okay with it.

“The texture was slightly thicker and crunchier than the others I’d tested out which was a nice change from the brittle flakes I’d been shovelling down.

“There wasn’t much flavour to them aside from a sweet aftertaste which I’m pretty sure was more from the milk than the cereal itself.

“Surprisingly, it wasn’t a bad thing.

“It just meant it was a more plain cereal but most mornings I can imagine appreciating the lack of flavours that might conflict with my usual disinterest in anything sickly sweet in the morning.

“This bowl of cereal would be the kind that would go down well with some fruity toppings – I personally recommend chopped up bananas and blueberries.

“Price: 75p – 500g

“Taste: 4/5”


“If Aldi, Morrisons, Lidl and Asda all decided to collectively make a box of Bran Flakes, it would be like the Sainsbury’s one.

“This box had the texture of Lidl and Asda combined, slightly thicker but with a more brittle aftertaste that wasn’t the nicest to eat.

“With the aid of some milk, it turned more into the texture of Aldi’s Bran Flakes but sadly Morrison’s excessive wholegrain taste did come through slightly.

“Again, once soaked in the milk the entire bowl was much more enjoyable and I found it veered closer to the Lidl and Aldi version.

“For 750g at £1.10, this would be a good alternative to the Kellogg’s brand for less than half of the price, but not my favourite.

“Taste: 4/5”

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