What milk makes the perfect cup of tea? Dairy connoisseur shares ‘once and for all’

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Almost everybody loves a cup of tea or coffee, but what milk should we be using to get the most out of the experience? Rachel Campbell, brand and sustainability director at Arla, the largest producer of dairy in the UK, shared her thoughts with Express.co.uk “once and for all”.

The UK drinks approximately 100 million cups of tea per day.

As for coffee, the nation polishes off an average of 95 million cups.

But what milk should we be using to make the perfect cup?

Rachel exclusively told Express.co.uk: “The coloured top milk an individual consumes, is entirely up to preference, as from a nutritional perspective there is very little difference.

“Out of the big three, red top, blue top and green top milk, consumers can mix things up by choosing more than one, depending on the occasion.”

Rachel went on to explain that different beverages require different dairy products.

“As well as the differences in fat content, it’s the slight textures and tastes that set them apart, making each of them perfect for different things in their very own way.

“For example, for a creamier cappuccino or latte, a dash of Blue top Arla Cravendale would be most suited.”

Another plus is that it’s an environmentally friendly choice.

She stated: “Cravendale is also finely filtered, meaning it can stay fresh for up to three weeks unopened and seven days when open.

“So, if you’re the type of person to need long-lasting fresh milk, this could really help reduce your food waste.”

However, by adding a dash of red top (skimmed) milk to a cup of coffee, it can provide that “lighter on-the-go taste”.

“Likewise, to help get the perfect balance of coffee and froth, coffee lovers should add semi-skimmed milk to their mugs.”

For those who look forward to their morning tea rather than coffee, Rachel shared another milk suggestion.

“We recommend going for a semi-skimmed Arla Cravendale green top milk.

“This will be sure to give you a lighter and on-the-go feel.”

But milk isn’t just for drinking, and can be an essential cooking component too.

Rachel revealed how your choice of milk can make or break a some British favourite dishes.

“To give your mac n cheese that perfect touch, adding a splash of Big Milk blue top, whole milk, will do the trick.

“Using whole milk will increase the thickness and creaminess of the recipe – something all would be sure to enjoy.”

She continued: “Milk can enhance Brits’ beloved Sunday Dinner game once and for all.

“For a thicker, creamier taste, Arla Cravendale blue top milk could be added to mash potatoes.”

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