What the Heck Is in Cookie Butter?

Cookie Butter

Practically everyone has tried cookie butter at this point (if you haven’t, run to your nearest grocery store ASAP), but do you actually know what it is—and what ingredients make it so amazing?  

What Is Cookie Butter? 

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Cookie butter is a thick paste made from speculoos cookie crumbs, fat (such as vegetable oil, condensed milk or butter), flour, and sugar.

OK, but What Is a Speculoos Cookie? 

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Good question! Speculoos, or speculaas, is a type of spiced shortbread cookie from the Netherlands. They’re thin, extremely crunchy, caramelized, browned and, of course, absolutely delicious. 

Speculoos cookies, which usually feature elaborately festive designs, have become associated with the holiday season. 

Types of Cookie Butter

There are two major brands of cookie butter that most people are familiar with: Lotus Biscoff and Trader Joe’s. Lotus’s version is the O.G. cookie butter and is probably the best known brand, but TJ’s take on the sweet spread has definitely garnered quite the cult following in recent years. 

How to Use Cookie Butter

The best thing about cookie butter is it’s incredibly versatile: You can spread it on toast, use it as a fruit dip, swap it out for peanut butter in PB&J, or (our personal favorite) eat it out of the jar with a spoon. 

Hungry for more simple ideas? Check out our top 50 ways to use cookie butter right here. 

Cookie Butter Recipes

Of course, you could always go all out and make a delicious, decadent, cookie butter-based dessert. Here are a few of our favorite recipes:

  • Chocolate Cookie Butter Cheese Ball
  • Apple-Pear Pie with Cookie Butter Caramel 
  • Cookie Butter Cheesecake

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