What to eat in hot weather – the 16 foods to cool you down

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Eating in hot weather can be unappealing; no one likes the thought of cooking in the sweltering heat, but you need to make sure to eat properly to retain your energy. The food we eat can also help to play a part in regulating temperature meaning some foods warm you up, while others cool you down. Express.co.uk has compiled a list of 16 foods to eat amid a heatwave which will help cool you down.

What to eat in hot weather

When the weather is hot your body heat increases and you lose a lot of fluid.

Options like ice cream may seem like the best avenue to cooling you down, but scientists believe ice cream is too rich and can actually warm you up as heat is generated during the digestive process to break down the nutrients in ice cream.

All calorific foods such as dairy products, fast food and sugary desserts will also have this same impact.


Instead, you should therefore try to eat foods high in water content.

Fruits such as cantaloupe, watermelon and strawberries are very good options.

Other fruits like pineapples, oranges and mangos can also have a really effective cooling effect.

Berries, including blueberries and raspberries, are very alkaline which means they actually generate cold energy in your body and help you cool down.

These berries are also high in water so they make a perfect summer snack.


Cucumber and lettuce are very water-rich foods – made up of around 96 percent water.

These ingredients are therefore a perfect addition to a summer meal if you want to cool down.

If you add other high water content foods such as radish and celery, you should be able to hydrate your body effectively.

For those who want to cool down further, you can add slices of cucumber to your water to make an even bigger difference.

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Frozen snacks

If you are not keen on fruit, you can always turn your fruit into a tasty snack by freezing it.

Grapes in particular are delicious when frozen.

Simply freeze a selection of grapes or berries in a bag and eat when they are frozen.

Ice lollies are also an effective way to cool down.

Avoid eating the calorific ice creams, instead opting for frozen popsicle flavours to cool down during warm periods.

Spicy peppers and curry

Spicy food may seem like a counter-intuitive option, but it can effectively help to cool you down.

Peppers and spicy curries help cool down your body by inducing sweating which then triggers the cooling mechanism of your body.

This is why many people located in hotter climates eat spicy dishes.

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