Where to store tomatoes to keep them fresh for longer – and it’s not the fridge

Food hack: TikTok user shows how to 'save half of an avocado'

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Kathryn Kellog, who goes by @goingzerowaste, shares her top hacks for eco-friendly living on TikTok. In one popular video, she shared how to store fruit and vegetables to preserve them for longer.

Kathryn shared with her viewers how to store your produce to “keep it fresh for weeks”.

Not only is this eco-friendly, but it’s also a great money saver.

Those who try these hacks may save a pretty penny on replacing rotten fruits and vegetables.

Her first tip was for greens.

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She said: “Keep your greens in an airtight container.

“Add a cloth napkin to absorb any excess moisture.”

As for carrots and celery, these foods will “stay crispy for weeks” with Kathryn’s if submerged in water.

Next, she advised: “Place broccoli and herbs in small pots of water like a bouquet of flowers.”

The TikTok user also provided a hack to stop tomatoes from going soggy.

But it may surprise most people, as tomatoes are commonly kept in the fridge.

“Store your tomatoes on the countertop,” she recommended.

The Neff Kitchen confirmed Kathryn’s method: “Yes, you can store tomatoes in the fridge.

“However, since most tomatoes are sold or bought a bit before their ideal ripeness to account for the changes they’ll undergo when sitting out, placing them in the fridge will actually halt their progress.”

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Storing tomatoes in the fridge can affect their taste, texture and smell.

However, for those with an extremely warm house – or extremely ripe tomatoes – the fridge may be a saving grace.

As for berries such as strawberries and blackberries, these can be kept in an airtight container.

To further prolong their life, Kathryn advised: “Remember, don’t wash until you’re ready to eat.”

According to the food lover, avocados should be kept on the counter before being moved to the fridge when ripe.

TikTok users flocked to the comments to share praise for the tips, as well as their own storage hacks.

@number1qdobastan said: “I love this series.”

@cheektastic added: “Great tips! Radishes in water, too.”

@actually.lindsay asked: “Pleaseeee do cilantro and green onion…I can’t keep them alive to save my life.”

Kathryn came to the rescue and suggested that these should be stored in the same way as broccoli – in a little pot of water “like a bouquet”.

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