17 Food-Themed Pool Floats You’ll Want to Lounge on All Summer Long

If there’s anything better than floating in a pool on a hot summer day, it’s floating on a giant cheeseburger.

Novelty pool floats of the food variety may not be practical shapes or sizes, but they sure are cute. This summer, there are even more brightly-colored and borderline-ridiculous options to choose from for your fun in the sun. Even if you aren’t eating food poolside, you should definitely be lounging on it.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

Cherry Ring Pool Float

Summer pool accessories don’t get much cuter than this classic pair of bright-red cherries. The three-and-a-half-foot inflatable from Urban Outfitters provides the perfect pool seat for one.

Buy It Here: urbanoutfitters.com, $20.00

Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

This float by BigMouth Inc. will have you craving the ice cream sandwiches of your childhood. Give into your sweet tooth and enjoy a piece of this relaxing six-foot-long pool bed.

Buy It Here: amazon.com, $23.93

Fried Eggs Pool Float

How do you take your eggs? That’s right. Sunny side up. According to reviews, the yolks double as great pillows when you’re out sunbathing on this five-foot breakfast staple by Coconut Float.

Buy It Here: amazon.com, $19.95

Rosé Bottle Pink Pool Float

What’s a party by the pool without a sparkly bottle of rosé? This inflatable bottle of bubbly by Sun Squad is perfect for a bachelorette parties, happy hour swims, or just roséing all damn day.

Buy It Here: target.com, $24.99

Avocado Pool Float

This avocado-emoji inspired float by BigMouth Inc. has one of the more creative designs of the bunch. The removable pit doubles as a beach ball, turning the rest of the float into the perfect avocado inner tube.

Buy It Here: bedbathandbeyond.com, $19.99

Bacon Lounge

Finally, you can roast upon everybody’s favorite cut of pork with this pool mattress by Summer Waves. At 72 inches, it’s great for taller (or fully grown) pool-goers.

Buy It Here: amazon.com, $19.99

Pineapple Pool Float Raft

Live on pineapple over the sea with this tropical lounger by Vickea. I mena, have you ever seen a better spot to drink a pina colada?

Buy It Here: amazon.com, $24.99

The Bourbon Pool Float

If prefer bourbon to bubbly, we’ve found the pool float for you. Bring a glass of whiskey to the pool and enjoy sipping it for hours on top of this relaxing, inflatable bottle by Swimline.

Buy It Here: bedbathandbeyond.com, $53.99

Cheeseburger Pool Float

Cheeseburger in paradise, anyone? This inner tube float by BigMouth Inc. offers the perfect place to lounge while someone else fires up the grill. It even has a lining of lettuce for added effect.

Buy It Here: kohls.com, $14.99

Banana Bunch Pool Float

Float away on a sunny bunch of bananas with this inflatable by Sun Squad. It’s the perfect size for your young ones and let’s them sit upright in the water while they enjoy a mid-swim snack.

Buy It Here: target.com, $39.99

Strawberry Frosted Donut Pink Pool Float

This classic pool float might already be a staple on your Instagram feed. With this colorful and adorably-frosted inner tube by Sun Squad, doughnuts will become your new favorite food of summer.

Buy It Here: target.com, $19.99

Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Raft

We promise this is the biggest pizza slice you’ve ever seen, and it might just be your favorite. At over six feet long, this slice by Pool Central gives you (and your pizza box) more than enough room to lounge.

Buy It Here: target.com, $32.99

Inflatable Watermelon Island

You already love watermelon in the summer, but now you can enjoy it in a totally different way. With a six foot diameter, this monstrous melon float by Intex is big enough for you and a swim buddy.

Buy It Here: amazon.com, $17.75

Melting Ice Cream Pool Float

You probably never thought it would be relaxing to sit in a puddle of melted ice cream, but trust us on this one. This pink and sprinkled ice cream disaster by BigMouth Inc. will have you craving a cold scoop as soon as you leave the water.

Buy It Here: bedbathandbeyond.com, $19.99

Giant Pretzel Inflatable Floating Seat

Relax in a salty heaven with this floating pretzel by Swimline. The classic three holes offer enough room for three kids to share.

Buy It Here: amazon.com, $9.71

Giant Ice Pop Pool Float

This same ice pop you’ll see when the ice cream man drives by, just about six feet longer. This popsicle float by BigMouth Inc. provides the perfect place to ~chill~ all summer long.

Buy It Here: amazon.com, $29.99

Inflatable Jumbo Orange Slice Island Float

You can’t be missed in the water on top of this vibrant inflatable orange by Pool Central. There’s no better time for a slice of citrus than on a hot summer day.

Buy It Here: target.com, $26.39

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