5 Products That’ll Help Your Fruits and Veggies Last Longer


No one likes a mushy avocado or moldy berries, but it seems like if you leave certain fruits or veggies unattended, they’ll turn on you in a minute. Most of us are trying to limit our food waste—after all, it’s better for the environment and our wallets—and these products can help extend the life of your produce.

Whether you want to make your fruits or vegetables last longer, these handy products will help you keep your produce fresher and save money long-term. Bonus: They’re all under $20 on Amazon!


Fruit and Vegetable Drawer Liner

This foam fridge liner is made of a special material that protects produce from mold by absorbing excess moisture and allowing air to circulate better throughout your drawers. This set comes with four, 12”x15” liners that can be trimmed to fit your drawers.

Buy it here:

Dualplex Fruit & Veggie Life Extender Liner, ($10.95), amazon.com


Prepworks Fruit and Vegetable Keeper

I’ve personally used this fruit and vegetable keeper and can attest to how awesome it is. The dial allows you to select the type of produce you’re trying to preserve (for example: berries or herbs), and tells you whether to add water or not. As an added bonus, the bottom doubles as a colander for easy straining. And I’ve found that it can typically extend the life of my produce by an extra 5-7 days.

Buy it here:

Prepworks by Progressive Fruit & Vegetable Keeper ($14.90), amazon.com


Avocado Holder

Avocados are notorious for turning brown once cut, but these nifty little holders will help slow the oxidation process to keep your ‘cados fresh. One reviewer said, “I basically buy these for everyone as a gift because they're so amazing. First avocado-saver product I've used that legit works.” (P.S.- Check out some of our other tips on how to store avocados and how to cut avocados). 

Buy it here:

Evriholder Avo Saver ($8.58), amazon.com


Food Hugger

Whether you’re trying to preserve a half of an onion or citrus fruit, these huggers will come in handy. The set comes with four stretchy huggers in different sizes to fit and store all sorts of fruits or veggies.

Buy it here:

Faberware Food Huggers ($8.67), amazon.com


Ethylene Absorber

Ethylene is a type of gas that your produce puts off. It helps your fruit ripen, but also can make it spoil faster. According to the product description, these packets go into your crisper drawer and can keep your produce fresher for two to three times longer by absorbing ethylene gas. Change it every three months to keep your fruits and veggies in tip-top shape.

Buy it here:

Blueapple Produce Save One-Year Combo Pack ($19.99), amazon.com

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