Aldi Sells Atomic Spicy Pickles That You Need To Put On Top Of Your Sandwich

Aldi is consistently coming out with grocery items you never knew you needed. They truly don’t miss! Need a bottle of margarita wine or some crab rangoon dip? Aldi has it. Containers for guac or cool silverware? Aldi’s your place. And now you can add spicy pickles to your list too, because Aldi has them and fans are obsessed.
Aldi sells plastic tubs of pickle chips that you can buy and are great for eating alone or as a topping for sandwiches and burgers. They come in typical flavors like bread & butter or sweet horseradish, but the real kicker is the “atomic spicy” version.
Now I’m not quite sure what the exact metric measurement “atomic” aligns with, but I think it’s fair to assume that these pickles are gonna be pretty spicy. From a photo posted by @aldifavoritefinds, it seems that the brine used for these pickles includes quite a few red chile peppers to add spice to the vinegar and dill flavor.
In the comments of the photo posted by the account, people shared just how much they love the atomic spicy flavor: “My favs!!! I just brought two!!! These taste sooooo good!” one user wrote. Another agreed saying, “The atomic spicy are sooooo good!”
I would think that for people who ask for banana peppers or jalapeños on their sandwiches, these pickles are a great option to use instead or in addition to whatever other spicy toppings you like to add. Sometimes, more is more.

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