Aldi Will Soon Have 5 New Veggie Burgers—And They Sound Amazing

Aldi has come out with a slew of exciting new products this season—from bottled mimosas to ready-to-cook seafood—making summer that much more delicious. We recently discovered the grocer is releasing a new line of veggie burgers next month, and we are hoping to be first in line to try them (hint, hint Aldi)! And with flavors like Mushroom Risotto and Southwest Quinoa Crunch, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to try them too.

Aldi's collection includes five new veggie burger patties from their Earth Grown line of vegan and vegetarian products, and all will be available just for a limited time in their "Aldi Finds" section beginning July 17. The flavors are Buffalo Chickenless, BBQ Chickenless, Mushroom Risotto, Lentil Veggie, and Southwest Quinoa Crunch. 

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Fortunately, they look not only meatless, but actually pretty healthy. We got a look at the nutrition info, and the burgers range between 130-230 calories a serving. They are also low in saturated fat, making for a much heart-healthier cookout! 

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Ingredients-wise, the Mushroom Risotto, Lentil Veggie, and Southwest Quinoa Crunch are all made with whole grains, legumes, and veggies, while the chickenless patties are made with soy protein. 

The burgers will be priced between $3.49-$3.79 for a box of four patties. We can’t wait to start grilling them up!


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