Applebee's $5 Gigantic Halloween Cocktails Are Exactly What We Need Right Now


This year, Halloween has the potential to be both weirder and more terrifying than the haunted holiday already is for some pretty unusual reasons. Parents are already worried about what trick or treating will look like, and there’s a decent chance you might have little recourse but to show off your clever costume over Zoom.

No matter what Halloween looks like, though, I’d say 2020 entitles every adult in the country to a stiff, spooky drink or two. Appropriately enough, Applebee’s is on hand to suit all of your kitschy theme cocktails needs. Delish reports they’ve lined up two spooky season-themed cocktails, both of which are served in large goblets because how else are you supposed to drink something Halloween-related. Oh, and they’re both vaguely tropically-themed for some reason.

If you still can’t accept that summer is over this October, the Tipsy Zombie might be the right fit for you. A tropical blue beverage built around Bacardi Superior and Midori liqueur, it’s appropriately topped with a gummy brain to tie the whole zombie theme together. Drinking more than a few of these might turn you into a zombie, but that’s another story.

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If a margarita is more your speed, look no further than dracula’s juice. A frozen drink that combines the aforementioned Bacardi Superior with Patrón, wildberry and margarita mix, it’s a cool, breezy beverage that would have a vampire want to risk it all for a chance to head out into the sun and sip this thing on the beach.

In case you’re worried that the potential resurgence of Covid-19 might interfere with your Applebee’s cocktail plans, there’s no need to be upset. The cocktails will be available in to-go orders from participating Applebee’s locations, so you can make them a part of any in-home Halloween plans you might have brewing.

So while you may not be able to trick or treat in the neighborhood, you can still eat/drink good in the neighborhood with these frightening, potent potions. For 2020, hopefully that’s good enough. 

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