Bobby Flay Said Giada De Laurentiis’s Mom Veronica Is One Of His Favorite People In The World

Bobby and Giada In Italy is full of the two BFFs traversing beautiful Italian scenery, from the city streets of Rome to the countryside in Tuscany, but they didn’t always do it alone. No, the four-episode series is full of cameos from chefs, locals, food experts, and even Giada’s mom, actress Veronica De Laurentiis. It’s clear Giada and Bobby had a great time with everyone, but Bobby recently shared why he considers Veronica one of his favorite people.
In the first episode, the trio meets up for a four-course meal at the Armando Al Pantheon in Rome where they dine on antipasto (which includes things like bruscetta and cheese), an el primo course (pastas), a secondo course (veal saltimbocca), and a dolce (tiramisu andstrawberry grape custard). As they sip their wine and eat their enviable feast, Bobby notes that culture of dining in Italy is slower-paced and Veronica shares a bit of wisdom. “Here, you learn to relax because things don’t work the way you want them to work,” she says as they share a laugh: “So you learn about patience.”
It’s clear how much fun they were having just from watching, which totally makes sense, since Bobby recently told us that the whole trip felt like an extended vacation because he and Giada get along so well. But he also added that he has a great time with Veronica as well.
“[Giada’s] mom is literally one of my favorite people in the world,” Bobby said. “I just love being around Veronica because she’s funny as can be, she has an opinion about everything, and she has crazy0great knowledge, especially when it comes to a place like that.”
Both Veronica and Giada are native Romans and since Bobby said that he’s also “completely obsessed” with Italy, it makes sense that their trip was such a blast. Bobby went on to tell us the country has “captured my heart and my soul” and that he even loves to dress up a bit to blend in while staying in Rome.
“I have a suit on because when I go to a place like Rome, I want to be dressed like a local, soI don’t feel like I’m just, you know, the next tourist,” he shared. “I put on a nice suit, and I walk around and go shopping—it just just makes me feel like I’m kind of living a life a little bit. It’s almost like the movie of my life.”
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