Burger King Introduces $5 Monthly Coffee Subscription

For big fast food chains, breakfast is the time of day that can make or break a business. That’s why they aren’t above introducing gimmicky products (looking at you, Taco Bell and McDonald’s donut sticks) or special offers to get customers through the door or drive-thru line on their way to work. But when it comes to offering real value for early risers and grinders, a new subscription program from Burger King seems like it’s head and shoulders above the rest— as long as you’re not a coffee snob.

As of today, you can enroll in the BK Café (a spinoff from the BK Lounge, I guess) coffee subscription program through Burger King’s app. For just $5 a month (the price of a latte at your local hipster coffee shop), you’re entitled to one small cup of Arabica bean coffee a day. Of course you have to use the Burger King app, but it’s a small price to pay for what amounts to a daily cup of coffee for less than a 25-cent cup of coffee if you stopped by BK every day before work.

There are some small details in the fine print of the press release you should be aware of before embarking on your Burger King coffee odyssey. Apparently the deal isn’t available in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. It also doesn’t cover “specialty, iced, or frappé coffee.” That could start to make this look like less of a steal once the summer comes around (but technically that hot coffee will keep you cooler anyway).

Then there are the broader questions to ponder. Do you want to be drinking Burger King coffee every day, potentially for the rest of your life? The McDonald’s rival hasn’t exactly made a name for themself as a brewer of fine beans, so it’s fair to assume that there’s a definite tradeoff between quantity and quality at work here. More frequent trips to Burger King for coffee might also lead you to start your day with fast food you otherwise wouldn’t have eaten, so it could come with some unexpected health consequences if you don’t exercise some willpower every now and then.

Still, if you consider coffee a pure vehicle for caffeine delivery, this seems like a pretty good deal without much in the way of attached strings. Chances are you’re already paying at least $5 a month for some subscription service you hardly ever use, so why not just cough up a few bucks for something that you’ll actually use?  

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