Cadbury Mini Egg Chocolate Bars Are The Newest Treat For Spring But They May Be Hard To Find

I know it feels like time hasn’t existed over the past 10 months, especially because we were already thinking about the winter holidays in August. Well, even though Valentine’s Day is the next thing on our calendars, it’s fitting that we’re also getting excited about Easter and all of the candy drops that come with the holiday. Enter stage-left Cadbury, which recently released a mini egg chocolate bar that is a whole new way to enjoy the Easter staple.
Full disclosure: Since Cadbury is a UK-based brand, the new product is only available across the pond as of right now. There’s no telling when it will make its way to the States, but there is a chance you can order it online if you hope to try it out for yourself, at the time of publication Amazon did have a listing for the new product. Fans of Cadbury products in the UK started seeing the new chocolate bar out at stores prior to Christmas, and now it’s being spotted at most major retailers.
One tester from Good Housekeeping UK said the chocolate bar is as delicious as the classic Cadbury eggs but with more rich chocolate to each bite: “The chocolate has the classic dairy milk flavour we all love with the addition of the satisfyingly crunchy micro mini egg inclusions. Creamy, crunchy and irresistibly sweet, it’ll be the perfect gift for mini egg lovers and a staple in my baking this year,” she said. Welp, I’m sold! BRB, heading over to Amazon.

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