Chrissy Teigen Told Ellen She Actually Lost 4 Dental Caps When Eating A Fruit Roll Up At The Inaguaration

Chrissy Teigen is never shy with what she shares with her fans on her social media accounts and when she was in Washington, D.C., for the presidential inauguration she let everyone know that she lost a tooth while snacking on a Fruit Roll-Up. A subsequent tweet explained that technically it was a dental crown, but in a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres she confirmed that she actually lost a total of four crowns following the incident.
In the short clip from the show, Ellen asked Chrissy about her trip to the inauguration and she explained how she got in trouble for posting spoilers of John’s performance at the Lincoln Memorial during rehearsal. Ellen then followed up by asking if she lost a tooth while she was there.
“Did I lose a tooth? I lost one tooth there and I lost three teeth…” Chrissy said before pointing them out in her mouth. “I had all temporary caps on them and they’re all gone.”
Ellen then asked exactly how she lost them, which we’ve all been wondering. Chrissy explained that it all started with a simple trip to CVS.
“So in the bubble of inauguration there was only like one thing you could do and that was go to CVS. So I went to CVS…when was the last time you were at CVS because it is incredible!” she joked. “They had all of this Valentine’s Day stuff so I bought mini Fruit Roll-Ups and I had one bite of one and then this one [tooth] came off. You honestly have no idea how important your teeth are until they’re gone.”
For the time being, while Chrissy waits for a dental appointment, she said she’s sticking to soup and mashed potatoes. Which, if you ask me, isn’t a bad combo.
Her parting words for viewing that love chewy and sticky foods? “Don’t take it for granted. When all the corners are gone you cannot eat.”

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