Costco Sells Bags Of Chicken Alfredo That Will Be Ready In Minutes If You Don’t Feel Like Eating Leftovers

Cooking during the holiday season can be exhausting. Perhaps your family, like mine, only chooses one day for the extravagant food spread and depends on leftovers, frozen meals, or takeout to get us through the rest of the holiday season. To stock up for those days in between Christmas and New Year’s, Costco is a great place to pick up some of those easy to prepare meals, including this chicken Alfredo that is ready to eat in under 10 minutes.
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Packages of this easy Alfredo are made by the brand Rana, which may sound familiar because that’s the same brand that makes Costco’s super popular ravioli and tortellini pastas. Each two pound bag is made with pasta, chicken, and Alfredo sauce that uses fresh spinach to achieve the creamy white sauce.
According to the bag, all of the ingredients are certified organic and there are no preservatives so you’re getting all the good stuff just as you would if you made it yourself. To prepare your pasta, all you have to do is put all of the ingredients in a bowl and microwave it for nine minutes then behold, you have an entire meal ready to eat.
@Costcohotfinds spotted the bags for just $12.99 at their local warehouse and said while you may make something similar at home from scratc,h this is a great option for the days that get a little too busy for cooking. “This is a good alternative to ‘cereal night,'” they wrote. Hard agree.

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