Delish Phone Cases Are Here So Your Phone Can Look Great Whenever You Pick It Up To Order Takeout

If you’re like pretty much any other person on the planet, you probably have your cell phone on you at all times. It’s only right that the electronic device that’s essentially one of your appendages look as cute as you want it to while staying protected, so Delish launched an entire line of phone cases that are durable and come in so many cool designs so you can do exactly that. Aesthetic and practicality? We have no choice but to stan!
You can choose from 21 designs to decide which one really speaks to you; I’d even suggest picking up a couple so you can switch between them depending on your mood.

Butter Phone Case

Takeout Is My Love Language Phone Case

Chef Tarot Card Phone Case

Tequila & Tacos Phone Case

Bad B*tch Babe Elixir Phone Case

Spicy Phone Case

La Cell Phone Case

90s Fave Foods Clear Phone Case
The cases include designs inspired by some of our favorite beverages and snacks, including a butter case that looks just like a stick of salted butter used for baking. There are even cases that draw inspiration from La Croix seltzer, White Claw Hard Seltzer, and one that features graphics of all of the ’90s era snacks that only true Gen Z kids will remember.

Other designs include a Spicy case for that person who always has hot sauce on them and a Frappuccino one for the friend who always shows up late with Starbucks in hand. If you’re a fan of food puns, you can choose between cases that say phrases like And That’s the Tea, Chip Happens, Just Peachy, and I Speak French (Fries). For anyone who needs gentle reminders to take care of themselves throughout the day, you can pick up cases that say I Love Food, Disinfect Me, and Wash Your Hands.

Prices start around $25, and you can choose which model you’re shopping for before checking out to guarantee the case fits your phone perfectly. Any of these designs would make great holiday gifts or can be a present for yourself as a reward for getting through this crazy year. You deserve it.
You can check out the full collection of phone cases here.

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