Fans Will Get To Know A New Side Of J Balvin Through His Collab With Miller Lite

J Balvin is constantly cooking up new records, but when it comes to his work in the kitchen…not so much. We love him regardless, and the hit singer spoke to Delish about his food habits and his new collaboration with the iconic brand Miller Lite.
The partnership between J Balvin and Miller Lite—which, full transparency, was the launching point for this interview—includes limited-edition cans for customers that feature J’s signature lightning bolt and neon color scheme. The “Es Jose Time” collab will give fans an inside look at the person behind the performer—plus the chance to win the coveted cans and accompanying merch at Miller Lite is also supporting bodegas, corner stores, and other Latinx-owned businesses by donating $50,000 to the Accion Opportunity Fund.

Besides his habit of enjoying a cold Miller Lite (one we can all get behind), J Balvin told Delish he doesn’t have many strict food habits. After a gym workout, he starts his mornings with protein: eggs and rice, covered in Sriracha. Food prep is what gets him through the day, but he typically buys his meals ahead of time since he’s not a keen cook…yet.
“I can’t tell that I’m terrible because I haven’t tried, but I mean, I definitely haven’t tried to cook from scratch, so I don’t know,” he told Delish. At the moment, he said his specialty meal is a bowl of Lucky Charms. Celebs…they’re just like us.
When J Balvin’s not being disciplined with his eating he enjoys a weekend barbecue with close friends and said if he could eat anything for the rest of his life it would be chicken wings, which is completely relatable.
As for his partnership with Miller Lite, he’s excited for his fans and followers to learn more about who he is when he’s not on stage. “What I really love about this company, it’s J Balvin but the name of the campaign is ‘It’s José’s time’,” he said. “It’s about more of that, just showing who I am, and how family is really important for me. Sharing those moments and being real and unique.”

      You can learn more about J Balvin’s “Es Jose Time” project with Miller Lite here.

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