Grow Lettuce, Herbs, and More on Your Countertop With This Space-Saving Garden


Usually, we’re itching to get outside around this time of year. Spring brings warmer weather, extra daylight, and tender blooms to tempt us from our cozy indoor routines. However, this year is very different, and we’re doing our part to hunker down at home and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

But we have some good news for anyone looking for a little bit of nature while social distancing: You can still grow fresh flavorful herbs and vegetables from the comfort of your kitchen with this countertop garden. And best of all? It’s on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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The AeroGarden Harvest 360 uses powerful LED lights to grow everything from juicy cherry tomatoes and refreshing mint to tender lettuce, no matter the season. You don’t even need dirt—the hydroponic device is soil-free, delivering all the nutrients plants need through fertilizer and water. The system is so efficient, it works five times faster than traditional outdoor gardening.    

The AeroGarden is simple to set up: Just pop in up to six non-GMO seed pods into the device and plug into an electrical outlet. Its three-button control panel reminds you when to add water and plant food, and the machine turns grow lights on and off automatically. The grower’s compact build is perfect for apartment dwellers, but anyone can benefit from the countertop garden’s space-saving design.


To buy: $100 (originally $150);

Users who have tried out the AeroGarden themselves say it’s a breeze to set up and grows food at lightning-fast speeds.

“I ordered the heirloom salad greens, and, boy, was I surprised how fast they sprouted,” one Bed Bath & Beyond customer wrote. “I have been able to harvest the leaves already for sandwiches and made my first full salad already.”

Another added, “As someone who does not have a green thumb, I trust that I can keep this going. It’s been a fun project with my second grader!”

The device not only includes the garden and light, but also a power adapter, liquid plant food, and a six-pod seed kit of herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, or even cheerful petunias. And while the AeroGarden normally costs $150, right now you can get the tool for just $100. It’s an excellent way to welcome in the fresh flavors of spring without leaving your home.  

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