Hidden Valley Will Fill Any Container With Ranch Dressing This Sunday

Possibly the most exciting day of the year at 7-Eleven (outside any day where you’ve had too much to drink) is “Bring Your Own Cup Day” where participating stores will fill up almost any sensible vessel with a Slurpee of your choice for a single low price. Well, as is often the case, great ideas are often inspired by other great ideas, and now Hidden Valley is taking the idea of “Bring Your Own Cup Day” to beautiful, new, ranchy heights. On National Ranch Day, the well-known dressing purveyors will have an outpost in Las Vegas where, for one glorious hour, they will fill any bottle you bring with as much ranch dressing as it will hold.

This “All-Day National Ranch Day Celebration” will happen this coming Sunday, March 10, outside of the New York, New York Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. (You know, the place with the small Statue of Liberty and the big roller coaster.) The location will be hard to miss because it will be market by a 24-foot-tall bottle of Hidden Valley ranch, billed as the brand’s “biggest bottle of ranch yet.” (The bottle will actually be going up on Friday, March 8 for those who want to beat the crowds.)

Hidden Valley promises to be celebrating with stuff like food and ranch samples from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. — but the moment of reckoning will be taking place during the first hour: 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. During that time, the brand will be holding its “Bring Your Own Bottle” promotion. “If you can carry it, Hidden Valley Ranch will fill it,” they promise — whether it’s a shot glass or a cooler. Hidden Valley even suggests filling up one of those yard-long glasses you constantly see people sipping slushy cocktails out of in Vegas. As a concept, it’s disgusting and beautiful and just oh-so-Vegas.

The only downside I can see is that this event is taking place at 11 a.m…. in the morning… on a Sunday… in Las Vegas. If my trips to Vegas are any indication, that is not a time when I am typically awake, let alone craving ranch dressing. Hidden Valley, can we maybe schedule the next one of these later in the day?

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