Igloo Made Coolers Inspired By Your Favorite Disney Villains And They’re Perfect For Halloween

If you’re still lugging around a cooler you got from some random college orientation event almost 10 years ago (…guilty!!) you definitely need an upgrade. Plus, with all the socially distant gatherings you’ve been having, you deserve a great cooler…especially if that cooler comes with an evil side.
Igloo has released some new coolers inspired by some of your favorite Disney villains like Ursula, the Evil Queen from Snow White, Cruella de Vil, and Maleficent. Each comes in a seven-quart style with a design of their eyes on the front, a design that is uniquely them on the side, and an eerie quote on the back. For example, Cruella’s comes with Dalmatian print on the side (duh!) and “UNAPOLOGETIC POWER” written in bold red type on the back. They’re perfect for all of your fall gatherings and will keep your pumpkin beers cold while letting everyone know you are not someone to mess with. FUN.

Disney Villains Evil Queen Playmate

Igloo Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Portable Lunchbox

Disney Villains Cruella Playmate

Igloo Mickey Mouse Playmate Mini
You can find all four designs on Igloo’s website for $39.99 each, but here, dear reader, is where I break your heart. The Ursula and Maleficent designs are both sold out at the moment and since they’re only available on Igloo’s website, you’ll have to check back to see if they restock. BUT, Igloo has a ton of other Disney designs perfect for Halloween season and beyond. Seriously, you need this Nightmare Before Christmas design, though it’s up to interpretation if Jack is a villain or not. I’d say not! You can also grab this classic and colorful Mickey Mouse design. There is no shortage of ways to keep your bevs frosty with a little Disney magic.

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