IHOP Just Revealed Their Fall Menu And It Includes Milk 'n' Cookies Pancakes


Though they may have put together a splashy marketing campaign back in 2018 that involved changing their name to the “International House of Burgers,” there’s no getting around the fact that IHOP was, is, and always will be all about pancakes.

The good news on that front is that there seem to be a whole host of fall-flavored pancakes heading to IHOP soon, a lineup that includes returning favorites as well as some truly intriguing Oreo-inspired options.

Specifically, you’ll soon be able to order a big ol’ stack of Milk ‘n Cookies or Cookies ‘n’ Cream Hot Chocolate pancakes from IHOP. Both of them feature Oreo pieces, which sounds like a sneaky way to integrate the famous creme cookie into an indulgent and wonderfully unbalanced breakfast.

Specifically, the Milk ‘n’ Cookies pancakes are stuffed with the aforementioned Oreo pieces and loaded with sweet milk mousse, powdered sugar, sprinkles, a vanilla sauce drizzle, and—in case that wasn’t enough—more Oreo pieces. If you want something that tilts the scales a bit more towards chocolate, the Cookies ‘n’ Cream Hot Chocolate pancakes feature toasted marshmallow hot chocolate, plus a combination of whipped topping, sprinkles, and Oreo pieces. Both are perfect as a warmup for sugar-induced euphoria followed by a long nap.

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For those who would rather hew closer to traditional flavors of fall, the Pumpkin Spice and Cinn-A-Stack pancakes are probably the way to go. The former features pumpkin pancakes (made with real pumpkin and seasonal spices) under a healthy dollop of whipped topping, while the latter douses buttermilk pancakes in a cinnamon spread, cream cheese icing, and whipped topping.

In case you needed any extra incentive to dive into these piles of decadent pancakes, you might recall that IHOP is currently running a daily, eight-hour “IHOPPY Hour” where their typical entrees are priced at just $5 to $6 from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Given that each of these pancake orders sounds more like a dessert than a proper breakfast, that might be the perfect time to drop by and try them out. 


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