Maple Creme Oreos Are Back For Fall This Year And I Can’t Wait To Deep Fry Them

Maple creme Oreos first debuted last August for the fall season. They must have been a big hit because they’re back again this year and @CandyHunting has already bought some off Walmart’s website. This means that they’re likely on shelves already and if they aren’t quite yet, you can still order some online in the meantime.
Unlike some of the other fall-inspired Oreos (like these Halloween-themed ones filled with orange icing), maple creme Oreos feature the golden cookie rather than the traditional chocolate wafer. This gives the cookie a lighter and slightly less rich taste that pairs perfectly with the super sweet maple-flavored filling. The packaging features a photo of maple syrup in the leaf-shaped glass, so it’s clear that the taste is totally inspired by maple syrup.
These are a great seasonal bite for those who aren’t huge fans of the played out fall flavors (pumpkin, apple cider, gingerbread—you know the ones). You can, of course, dunk these in milk and enjoy them that way, but you can also use these in place of traditional Oreos in any of our baked goods. I’m thinking maple creme fried Oreos are the perfect way to fill the state fair-shaped hole in your heart while still getting in the fall mood. Who’s down?

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