Martha Stewart Responded To A Commenter Who Called Her Photo Of A Lobster Dinner ‘Tone Deaf’

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“I’ve always followed you. Loved your show. But do you ever feel this is all a little_tone deaf ❗There are people lining up for hours for a bag of potatoes❗ # let them eat cake,” they wrote.
To this, Martha had a very simple response, saying that the lobsters were actually pretty cheap and she bought them and the corn from local vendors who she regularly supports. She also threw in some healthy reminders about how to stay safe and help others during COVID-19.
“The lobsters were $4 each from a fisherman who was happy to be getting more than from his regular buyer,” she wrote, in a screenshot posted by the account. “We had potatoes from our own garden. And corn from a local farm which we support. We feed everyone who works for us. We do not waste. We compost. We work. We give generously to many organizations. We care about the pandemic and observe healthy living and social distancing etc and we wear masks we are good people.”
I can think of a million things I would rather experience than to be clapped-back-at by Martha, such as punch a grizzly bear in the face, go swimming with the sharks, and go on a million bad first dates. Truly all of these sound better!!!

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