McDonald's Is Adding Cinnamon Rolls, Apple Fritters, and Blueberry Muffins to Its McCafé  Menu


Think of McDonald’s breakfast and there’s probably one item that comes to mind: the Egg McMuffin. Maybe the McGriddle if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Either way, most people don’t really opt for their McCafé line of bakery items, which are just kind of there.

Well, perhaps that will change now that McDonald’s has endeavored to update the McCafé bakery menu for the first time in nearly a full decade. Beginning on October 28th, the McCafé bakery menu will introduce three new items to the morning lineup for those looking for a slightly less fried breakfast from the fast food chain. Based on the current bakery menu, that would constitute a 150% increase in the size of the menu.

So what can you pair your McDonald’s coffee with? The menu additions include an apple fritter, blueberry muffin, and a cinnamon roll. Nothing too exotic here, just the kind of solid baked goods you’d find at any decent coffee shop—except you’ll find them at pretty much any McDonald’s (available at any point in the day) soon enough.

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The expansion of the McCafé menu comes at a time when the breakfast wars are heating up after a brief mid-pandemic pause. Wendy’s has made quite the 2020 push to make its breakfast A Thing, and Taco Bell recently said it’s restarted breakfast service at half of its US locations. In that sense, this move from McDonald’s can be seen as an effort to capture an AM audience that might normally opt for Starbucks or something similar.

Of course, maybe all McDonald’s needs to do to boost its breakfast sales is let someone like Travis Scott or J Balvin make a signature McCafé meal. All they need to do is find a hip musical artist who loves apple fritters. 


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