Mountain Dew’s New Raspberry Lemonade Flavor Is Officially Here To Quench Your Summertime Thirst

The new beverage serves up traditional Dew flavor with a blast of raspberry lemonade, and nothing says summer quite like an ice-cold lemonade. The liquid itself a burgundy-orange color. According to the bottle, this is a limited edition, so you better race to a Speedway and grab one while you can.
If you don’t have a Speedway near you and are looking for another summery Mountain Dew flavor to sink your teeth into, don’t forget that the brand made Maui Burst a permanent addition earlier this year. The sweet drink is loaded with bursts of pineapple flavor. @Dadbodsnacks called it a “a mellow pineapple/citrus flavor that still holds true to the classic Dew flavor.”
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