PSA, Publix Sells Their Own Icing in the Bakery

I firmly believe that Publix makes the best cake on the planet. Yes, I am aware that I’m giving sheet cake from a grocery store the highest honor, but the Publix bakery has yet to disappoint me. I’ve even been to a wedding where the groom had a Publix cake, and guess what, his was better. I don’t make the rules. 

Publix sheet cake is the cake of the people, unpretentious but just as satisfying (if not more) as its costlier counterparts. The cake itself is soft yet substantial, like a microfiber sponge, and very easy to eat thanks to its not-too-crumbly texture. Often, the cake’s layers are bound by a filling of lemon or raspberry curd, and that adds a punch of gusto to plain-but-still-delightful yellow or white cake. Finally, the icing they use to cover their cakes is, in the realm of icing and frosting, only minimally sweet, and that is a godsend. Publix icing is subtle, and that’s exactly what makes it so craveable. 

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So this afternoon, when I find out that the 12-ounce container of buttercream icing on our office’s “free food” table is from Publix, my whole world flips upside-down. And I know I have to share this discovery with MyRecipes readers, because I know you all appreciate a quality sheet cake.

Currently, the only available option for bakery icing is buttercream, but if you ask nicely at the counter, they’ll dye it a different color for you. If your local Publix gets upset with you for asking, I’m sorry for spilling the beans. Perhaps one day they’ll add their cream cheese and fudge frosting to the cold case. 

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