PSA: Snoop Dogg Just Released His Own Wine


Snoop Dogg has built a long and storied career as a rapper, producer, and actor who’s proven equally comfortable working with Dr. Dre and Martha Stewart. He’s also shown something of an entrepreneurial streak in recent years, investing in everything from Reddit to (unsurprisingly) a weed delivery startup. Now, though, it looks like the Doggfather is putting his name on a new line of intoxicants legal across all 50 states.

In partnership with Aussie wine brand 19 Crimes , Snoop Dogg lent his name and likeness to Cali Red. The first Californian bottle from the Australian brand named for the list of charges that could get an English convict shipped down under. A red blend from the Lodi region of northern California, Cali Red is comprised of Petite Sirah (65%), Zinfandel (30%), and Merlot (5%).

A product description describes this 2019 blend as “full and dense, with strong black & blue fruit notes” from the Petite Sirah, as well as “bright red, slightly candied fruit” thanks to an assist from the Zinfandel. It’s rounded out by notes of darkly toasted oat and a hint of sweetness. Sounds like a lot of different elements to savor.

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Apparently, there’s more to the experience of drinking Cali Red than what’s in the bottle. 19 Crimes’ first Californian wine also features a “living label,” which uses augmented reality to bring Snoop’s bottle of wine to life through a series of video recordings you can watch through your phone. So in that sense, you’re never drinking alone when Snoop is around.

You can get your hands on a bottle of Cali Red right now, for just $12 a bottle. Not a bad deal to both drink red wine and hang out with Snoop Dogg once you think about it. Whether it tastes better when listening to Doggystyle or The Doggfather is ultimately up to you. 

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