Salted Caramel Pretzel Pop-Tarts Are Officially Coming To Grocery Stores In Early 2021

Update, December 21, 2020: Almost a year after the launch of Pretzel Pop-Tarts, the line is getting an all-new flavor. Salted caramel Pretzel Pop-Tarts will reportedly be out soon and they will join the existing cinnamon sugar and chocolate varieties.
The breakfast pastries are still filled with different flavors and topped with frosting like original Pop-Tarts but feature a salty and crispy pretzel crust. You can prepare them in a toaster just as you do original Pop-Tarts or even pop them in an air fryer to ensure the edges get golden and crispy.
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Cinnamon sugar and chocolate pretzel Pop-Tarts have been out at grocery stores since January 2020, and @CandyHunting recently found a posting for salted caramel Pretzel Pop-Tarts on the Meijer grocery store website. The description says this new flavor will be sweet on the inside with caramel filling and a creamy frosting topping that will work well with the crunchy and salty pretzel crust.
Update, November 20, 2019: Well, folks, it’s really happening: We’ve finally gotten the sweet, sweet confirmation that Pretzel Pop-Tarts are coming to stores in January 2020.
As we previously reported, the snacks will feature a salty and crispy pretzel crust and will come in two different flavors: Chocolate and Cinnamon Sugar. When they come to grocery store shelves next year, you’ll be able to pick them up for about $3.49.
I, for one, cannot wait to try these. If everything tastes better on a pretzel bun, then it stands to reason that pastries would taste better with a pretzel crust, too. That’s just science.
Original: October 5, 2019 Alerting all Pop-Tarts fans! The toaster pastry you know and love is set to have new flavors hitting stores very soon. Which flavors, you may ask? The new additions will be a Pretzel Cinnamon Sugar flavor (!!) and a Pretzel Chocolate flavor for the perfect combo of sweet and salty goodness.
This news comes fresh out of the 2019 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) trade show convention that took place in Atlanta October 1-4. This convention created quite a spectacle, announcing the very important snack news that Pop-Tarts will be launching the pretzel flavors in December 2019.
A statement from Kellogg’s mentioned the new Pop-Tarts will include “a delicious filling inside a pretzel-inspired crust with salt flake topping.”
Some (seriously lucky) attendees of the NACS trade show got a little taste of the product. Instagram’s resident candy blogger @candyhunting stated, “From what I could tell from the small sample pieces I tried, they have the same texture as normal Pop-Tarts, but have a distinct pretzel flavor and added saltiness.” Our mouths are watering as we speak.
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We were already excited from yesterday’s Pop-Tart news that there is another Kellogg’s brand treat set to come in the new year. As reported, the start of 2020 will bring in a Froot Loops-flavored Pop-Tart for our enjoyment.
According to a rep from Kellogg’s, “Starting January 2020, two beloved Kellogg brands are combining for a first-ever mash up. Introducing new Froot Loops Pop-Tarts, a tasty, frooty treat with all the deliciousness you’d expect from these two favorites.”
Say no more. Pop-Tarts are officially heroes with their inventive new flavors. We’re already itching to get our hands on a box of each and every one of them!
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