Smirnoff Is Selling Puzzles This Holiday That Will Ice Someone Once They Build One

The holidays are a time for traditions. This includes things like baking cookies with your family, decorating the tree, and maybe even getting a good prank in. If the latter is usually a part of your festive season, fear not because Smirnoff just made it way easier to get one over on anyone (21+!) in your life with these surprise puzzles.
The brand is selling a set of puzzles called NICELY Gifted Puzzles in three different designs, including a snowman, a festive and starry night, and a cute kitty like the one shown above. From the outside, it looks just like a sweet, wholesome little puzzle, but when you open it up and actually make it, that’s where the surprise comes in. When the puzzle is complete, the gift recipient will see that the full image actually includes a bottle of Smirnoff ICE that wasn’t featured on the box. And everybody of legal drinking age knows what happens when you see a bottle of Smirnoff ICE (even if it’s just in a photo). Uh, yeah you’re icing your parents on Christmas morning. Love to see it!
It’s up to you if you want to keep a Smirnoff ICE handy for them to chug on the spot, but the completed puzzle also includes a $5 offer from Drizly that is redeemable for new users until December 31 so that you can get a bottle of Smirnoff ICE delivered to your doorstep. You can visit to purchase one of these puzzles, and as if you needed any more motivation, the first 200 puzzles will be sold at a discounted rate of just $1 plus shipping (after that, it’s $21 plus shipping because we’re that much closer to 2021!).

“While the holidays may look and feel different this year, we wanted to bring Smirnoff ICE fans some levity. And as a brand known for surprising fans with unexpected gifts and experiences, we wanted to deliver it in a way only Smirnoff ICE could,” said Krista Kiisk, brand director for Smirnoff, said.

Quantities are limited and the puzz will only available while supplies last. So get on it and spread some Christmas joy, would ya???

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